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Forecast Forex market on 01/05/2014

Hello, I congratulate all with the May Day holidays, but the Forex market is not a rest, and let's see what is waiting 1.05.2104


yusdhfdaili 1052014

price USDCHF pair formed something similar to the pattern of rails, relying on a small level below.Bottom Pattern at quite a lot of support, but still I think will continue to move downward.The transaction is recommended to go by the rules of the pattern carefully.


usdsaddaili 1052014

Price USDCAD pair bounced off the resistance of 1.09635 and formed a pattern of inner bar.Perhaps this is a rebound from the level and resume the upward movement.The deal on the pattern does not include, as recommendedparent candle very large and, accordingly, will be a very big feet.


erzhpidaili 1052014

On EURJPY pair price of formed another Doji pattern.What is a pattern does not support and will probably continue to increase in price to the level of 143.750.The transaction is recommended to go by the rules of the pattern.

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