Forex Analysis

Forex market situation on 05/10/2013

Hello, below is some advice on forex trading on 10.05.2013


erusdaili 10052013

As expected the price of the EURUSD pair is moving in the 1.3000 area.It is likely to be the breakdown level and the continuation of the downward movement.Those who do not have time to enter into sales can wait for the breakdown level and to roll back to him to look for patterns Price Action on younger timeframe.


yusdhfdaili 10052013

on a pair of USDCHF price breaking the resistance level of 0.94340 was fixed far above him.It is likely to be a small correction back to level and then continue to grow.For entries in the transaction is recommended to wait for the signal in the form of Price Action on the daily chart patterns, or try to look for patterns in the lower levels of TF in the 0.94340 area.


usdsaddaili 10052013

on a pair USDCAD formed a pattern of absorption in the level of 1.00339 area.To enter into the transaction is not recommended aspattern against the main motion down and will probably be a small correction and continue the downward



audosdaili 10052013

Price AUDUSD pair has broken through after strong resistance around 1.01801 and 1.01254.To the entrances to deal better to wait for the rollback to the level to confirm that the sample was not false.Probably continue to move further down.

IMPORTANT !!! In the period from 30.04.2013 to 05.13.2013 at the exit of issues, analysts may be interruptions, due to personal circumstances.I will try to do everything on time or delayed until 10:00 am EDT.10:00 If not, then in this day and will not.