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Forex Market Overview on 05/13/2013

Hello, below is some advice on forex trading on 13.05.2013


erusdaili 13052013

price of EURUSD pair closed at 1.3000 area.It is likely to be a continuation of the downward movement, despite the long tail of Friday's candle.For entries in the transaction it is recommended to look for patterns Price Action on junior TF in the 1.3000 area.


gvpusdaili 13052013

Price pair GBPUSD dropped to the trend line and the level of support prices in the area of ​​1.53410.Possible rebound from the trend and level and the continuation of the upward movement of the trend further.For entries in the transaction is recommended to wait for the signal in the form of Price Action Patterns.


usdzhpidaili 13052013

on a pair USDJPY price reached the expected level of 101,505.It is likely to be the breakdown level and continued growth.Those who did not manage to enter the buy earlier, it is recommended to wait for the breakdown level and confirm that the sample is not false.Open the purchase is recommended to close (in whole or in part) or transfer to

breakeven, ascan hang on the level.


osdkadveekli 13052013

usdsaddaili 13052013

On USDCAD pair formed an interesting situation.On the weekly chart, the price is not defined in the direction formed a Doji pattern on a strong level of support and the rising channel.But becausewas formerly a retreat from the upper boundary of the wider channel, I think it will be a continuation of the downward movement.On the daily chart was formed is not entirely correct pattern Pin Bar.The transaction log is recommended according to the rules of the pattern.


hauusdaili 13052013

price of gold made an attempt to come up with a sideways movement, but in the evening went back forming a pattern Pin-bar based on the level of 1415.24.It is likely to be a further increase in prices.The transaction is recommended to go by the rules of the pattern.But do not forget that the next resistance level of 1480.47 which is already quite a long time can not be overcome.