Forex Analysis

Forex Market Analysis on 03/04/2013

Hello, let's look at what to expect in the Forex market on 3.04.2013


Price AUDUSD pair having worked yesterday Ping bar, could not hurriedly pass the resistance level of 1.04744.Most likely in the coming days there will be another attempt to break the level and continue to trend upwards.Those who did not enter into transactions for the pattern, it is recommended to wait for the signal in the form of Price Action Patterns.


Price NZDUSD pair after a week of sideways movement finally decided on the direction of, and continued upward movement.Most likely prices will continue to grow, the next level where we can meet resistance 0.84806.


on a pair USDJPY formed a price pattern Pin Bar.Before the strong support level of 92,181 price is a little not reached, so a pattern of strong support there.Just Ping bar against the main downward movement, so to enter the transaction is not recommended.Most likely we will continue to move downward.


The district-level 119,9

13 price has formed a small Doji pattern.It is likely to be a continuation of the main downward movement.Alternative scenario: A break level of 119,913 was false, and the price will go to growth.The transaction is recommended to go by the rules of the pattern.The next target for 117,640 sales.


After several days of sideways movement at the level of 142,328, the price is decided on the direction and continued downward movement, breaking through the support level.It may be a correction back to a level where there is an opportunity to rise in sales by the appearance pattrnov Price Action.The next target for 139,201 sales.