Forex Analysis

The situation in the forex market on 04/05/2013

Hello, below is some advice on trading on 5.04.2013


price of EURUSD pair reversed up.Is likely to be a protracted correction up to 1.3000 area or fracture on an upward trend.For entries in the transaction is recommended to wait for the signal in the form of Price Action Patterns.


for gold on the weekly chart shows that the price went up to local minima in the area of ​​1548.18 price, the price of which struggled for the past 3 years.On the daily chart pattern formed pin-bar, building on the level and the limit of the downward channel.The main trend in the pair down, but it's worth a closer look, becauseIt may be a trend reversal.Sales should close or transfer to breakeven.The deal on the pattern go gently, by the rules of the pattern.


As can be seen on the weekly chart of silver, the price is suitable to the area of ​​the global minima and strong level of prices in the region of 26.61.On the daily chart, the price has formed a small pin-bar level 26.61 and the b

order of the descending channel area.With such powerful supports possible beginning of a trend reversal.Sales recommended to close or transfer to breakeven.Shopping consider carefully becausethe underlying trend is still down.