Forex Analysis

Review of the Forex currency market on 04/11/2013

Hello, let's look at what to expect in the Forex market 11.04.2013


ёrosd 04/11/2013

price of EURUSD pair formed a pattern of pin-bar, in the area of ​​the level 1.31241.Can a small correction to the area of ​​1.3000 and then continue to is not recommended to enter the sale, becausethe main direction of movement upwards.


gbposd 04/11/2013

price of GBPUSD pair drew another candle continuing patterning inner bar, in the area of ​​the resistance level of 1.53410.Most likely the price will continue to increase the level of the ball.Alternative scenario: The price correction has been up on the weekly chart, and will be followed by a continuation of the trend down.Sales should be considered carefully.


sagusdaili 11042013

on silver price pulled back to the previous penetration level in the area of ​​27.56 formed by the internal bar.Most likely continue to move over.The transaction log is recommended according to the rules of the pattern.The immediate objective for purchases 28.35.