Forex Analysis

Technical Forex Analysis for October 27, 2014

Hello, let's see what is waiting in the Forex market at the beginning of the trading week.


NZDOSDaili 27102014

Price NZDUSD pair formed a pattern of inner bar at the level of 0.78153.It seems once again failed to break the support level of the move and not wait for the correction up again.The transaction is recommended to go by the rules of the pattern.


USDSADDaili 27102014

Price USDCAD pair continues spinning in the area of ​​the last local maxima and formed another Doji pattern.Until further guidance is not very clear, but I will continue to fall to the level of 1.11328.The deal on the pattern recommended go gently.


USDZhPIDaili 27102014

on a pair USDJPY formed a price pattern inner bar based on the level of 108.304.It seems to be a small correction downward, and then attempt to pass the resistance level.The deal on the pattern recommended go carefully, becauseIt is rather large foot.