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Technical analysis and a candle on 01/04/2015

Hello, below is some advice on forex trading on 1,04,2015


GVPUSDaili 1042015

price of GBPUSD pair continues to move in the area of ​​the level of 1.487483 and formed another Doji pattern.The pattern below the level, and I think worth the wait to continue the trend down.The transaction is recommended to go by the rules of the pattern.


USDSADDaili 1042015

On USDCAD pair price rose again to the level of 1.27933 and bounced formed pattern Pin Bar.probably should not expect falling of the price may return to the level of 1.24178.The transaction is recommended to go by the rules of the pattern carefully.


USDZhPIDaili 1042015

on a pair USDJPY price formed a Doji pattern.What have pattrena or no support.I will follow the continued growth to the level of 120.763.The transaction is not recommended to go on the pattern.


HAUUSDaili 1042015

the price of gold formed a Doji pattern.Props have no pattern, and think a little more to lower in level 1172.921 area and then try to continue the growth trend is finally breaking.As part of the trans

action on the pattern is not recommended.


SAGUSDaili 1042015

formed on the silver pattern Pin-bar based on the level of 16.652.Perhaps he graduated from the correction and try to continue to grow and pass the level 17.073.The deal on the pattern recommended go carefully, becausenext resistance level.

Analytics banks


Limit orders:
Credit Suisse - EUR / USD: Sell limit at 1.0945, T / P: 1.046, S / L: 1.1098


Limit orders:
Morgan Stanley - USD /CAD: Buy limit at 1.262, T / P: 1.3, S / L: 1.2521


Limit orders:
Morgan Stanley - USD / JPY: Buy limit at 119.7, T / P: 123, S / L: 118.7


Limit orders:
Morgan Stanley - GBP / USD: Sell limit at 1.49, T / P: 1.45, S / L: 1.5


Limit orders:
Morgan Stanley - USD / CHF: Buy limitat 0.96, T / P: 1.01, S / L: 0.949

Credit Suisse - USD / CHF: Buy limit at 0.96, T / P: 1, S / L: 0.9421


Limit orders:
Credit Suisse- AUD / USD: Sell limit at 0.77, T / P: 0.7565, S / L: 0.778

Danske - AUD / USD: Sell limit at 0.7696, T / P: 0.7526, S / L: 0.7781

Morgan Stanley -AUD / USD: Sell limit at 0.773, T / P: 0.73, S / L: 0.783


Limit orders:
Credit Suisse - NZD / USD: Sell limit at 0.752, T / P: 0.728, S / L: 0.76