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Forecast Forex currency market on 06/08/2015

Hello.Below is some advice on forex trading on 6.08.2015

Calendar anticipated events

14:00 UK.Bank of England Interest Rate Decision \\ Previous: 0.5% \\ Forecast: 0.5
14:00 UK.Bank of England's decision in terms of assets purchase program \\ Previous: 375
14:00 UK.Accompanying statement of the Bank of England
14:00 UK.Letter from the Bank of England inflation
14:00 UK.Minutes of the meeting of the Bank of England
14:45 UK.Speech of the Bank of England Governor Mark Carney


AUDOSDaili 6082015

On AUDUSD pair the price continues to move in the area of ​​0.73508 level and formed a pattern of inner bar.While the situation is not clear until the end.It seems to have gone beyond the level of, and may continue to rise, but the transaction is not recommended to go for the pattern, asthe current trend is down.


USDSADDaili 6082015

On USDCAD pair price formed a Doji pattern after a brief pullback intraday.We will probably continue to rise to the level of 1.33969.The deal on the pattern recommended go ge


Trade warrant major banks


Limit orders:
Morgan Stanley - USD / JPY: Buy limit at 123.8, T / P: 126, S / L: 123.4


Limit orders:
Danske - USD/ CAD: Buy limit at 1.3062, T / P: 1.3337, S / L: 1/2972

Morgan Stanley - USD / CAD: Buy limit at 1.31, T / P: 1.36, S / L: 1.3


Limit orders:
Morgan Stanley - USD / CHF: Buy limit at 0.967, T / P: 1.01, S / L: 0.957

Fundamental analysis


market in anticipation of changes in the conditions of publications Bank of England's decision

Now, every decision of the monetary policy Committee meeting will be accompanied by a protocol and in one day, bypassing the usual two-week break.

And he and the other report, in fact, is a key marker for economic surveys, which makes many traders worried regarding the likely information overload.

Besides all this, every three months at t. N.Super Thursday falls quarterly report on inflation.

Total, we have three key marker of economic data to be published by the Bank of England in those days: interest rates, accompanying them to the meeting protocol and report on inflation.

Bank of England head commented on the situation as "contributing to strengthening open and transparent trends in Britain warning of the people with respect to the movement of the national economy."


Capital expenditures leading Japanese companies will increase by 13.9%.

Development Bank of Japan reported an increase in domestic capital spending by large Japanese firms to 13.9%.

Lively earnings and the weakening of the yen promotes the growth of expenses for the fourth year.The highest costs are for the development of parts for ekoavtomobiley, telephones and air transport.

In the near future is expected to increase costs by as much as 24.2%.

expected as a breakthrough in 61.3% in the field of mechanical engineering, for the first time in four years, due to aktivynm demand for semiconductors and displays for phones and cars.