Forex Analysis

The situation in the forex market on 02/21/2013

Hello, let's see what awaits us in the market 21.02.2013


price has dropped to the level of 1.32703 and the trend line.Patterns pointing to a reversal is not so likely to be the breakdown of the trend and level.The next target for the level of sales 1.31241.Alternative scenario: rebound from the trend and move up.


Today, the price held strong level of support prices in the area of ​​1.053410.It is likely pullback back to the level, in confirmation of penetration.The next target for the sales of 1.50000.Orders are now better control, becausethe level of strong and can be a false breakdown.


price went up to the resistance level of 1.01699 and the upper boundary of the descending channel on the weekly chart.Signal in the form of Price Action on reversal patterns yet.Purchases to keep tidy.


Price came to the strong level of support breaking the descending channel.The level is very strong, so you should monitor the situation closely.It is worth thinkin

g about closing sales or transfer them to breakeven.For shopping should wait for a signal pattern.


price has broken the trend line and the level of 144,218.We can retrace back to the trend in the breakdown and confirmation follow below, thereby giving rise to a new trend.The next target for sales of 139,735.Alternative scenario: A false breakout of the trend, and the upward movement.