Forex Analysis

Analysis of the Forex market on 02/25/2013

Hello.Let's look at what we can expect in the Forex Market 02.25.2013.


on EURUSD pair formed a Doji pattern.Can a small correction to the level of 1.32727 and the continuation of falling of the price.The transaction log according to the rules of the pattern.


After Ping-bar formed 02/21/2013, price pulled back to the area of ​​the trend line and the level of 1.53410, then continuing with the trend movement.The next target for sales 1.5000.not recommended to consider buying.


On the border of the descending channel pattern formed inner bar.Possible rotation rates and the beginning of a downward movement.The transaction is recommended to go by the rules of the pattern.


Ping bar at 1.02402 himself worked perfectly.Perhaps a further continuation of the movement in the area of ​​the level 1.03673.Shopping should keep carefully becausethe main trend down.


NZDUSD once again rebounded from the level of 0.83187 and rushed up.Perhaps further upward move

ment to the nearest resistance, thereby continuing the sideways movement between the two levels.


Price was unable to consolidate above 1.02226, drawing a long tail at the candles.Further, probably as a continuation of the upward movement, and the rebound from the level and the channel.Aggressive traders can place the pending orders slightly above and below the shadow of Friday's candle.


On EURGBP pair picture is not completely clear.Price moves in the region of the descending channel, not wanting either to move on or to turn down.From transactions to refrain until a clearer picture.


pair continues sideways movement.In the area of ​​price trend line formed the inner bar.Transactions on the rules recommended to open the pattern.


level in the area of ​​122,181, formed a pattern of inner bar.Commit transaction recommended by the rules of the pattern.