Forex Analysis

The situation in the forex market on 02/26/2013

Hello.Today, the market showed a surprise ... 2.Quite a large gap at the opening and a good drop at the end of the day.Let's see what can be expected 02/26/2013.


As expected the price went to the level of 1.32727 and the area of ​​the trend line, and from there went on a downward spiral.After such a sharp decline, a slight correction is possible.Then likely continue towards the 1.3000 level.


Bears were unable to gain a foothold in the area of ​​the level of 0.92578 and the price movement of the trend continued.The immediate objective for shopping 0.93669.


Price EURGBP pair formed a pattern of absorption.One can consider selling the pattern according to the rules.But do not forget that the trend is still up, and after a strong downward movement is quite likely a small correction.


USDJPY pair was surprised at the end of the day a sharp drop in the level of 92,181 passed.The next target for sales of 90,205.


EURJPY closed at 120,204.After a sm

all correction is likely to continue the downward movement.The next target for 117,640 sales.


GBPJPY closed at 139,201.After a sharp fall is likely a small correction, and then continue to move to the level of 137,082.