Forex Analysis

Analytics Forex currency market on 01/03/2013

Hello, let's see what awaits us in the Forex market 1.03.2013


Price made a small correction to the area of ​​1.31253.Most likely will attempt to pass the level 1.3000 and continuing down trend.Objectives for sales: the nearest 1,300, if will go on, then 1.29087.


Today, the price again strayed from the level of 1.52025.Perhaps the end of the correction and the continuation of the trend movement.The next target for the sales level of support 1.5000.


As expected, the price of the USDCAD pair corrected to the 1.0226 area and the boundary of the descending channel.We expect further continuation of the trend.After the passage of the level of 1.03199, 1.04099 target for purchases.


price has been corrected to the level of 0.83187 and a broken boundary of the channel, forming a pin-bar.Most likely we can expect a continuation of the movement in the south.The next target for sales 0.82091.


on a pair AUDUSD bulls was not strong enough to lead the pric

e up and break through the trend line.Most likely bears will push the price down further and we will see a continuation of the trend.The next target for sales 1.01794, the next support level of 1.01254.