Forex Analysis

Forex Market Overview on 03/14/2013

Hello, let's look at that shows us the Forex market on 14.03.2013


price of EURUSD pair confidently passed the level of 1.3000 and fixed below.It might be a correction back to 1.3000, thus the price will confirm the breakout level, and then continue with the trend further.The next target for the sales support of 1.28685.


Price pair GBPUSD looks finished correction in the area of ​​the trend line and the level of 1.5000, forming a small pin-bar.Most likely in the coming days is expected to continue the downward movement.The transaction is recommended to go by the rules of the pattern.


At the level of 1.02952 price pattern has formed inner bar.Most likely today was to roll back to a penetration level of 1.02952 and the coming days will increase in price region 1.03673.The transaction log according to the rules of the pattern inner bar.