Forex Analysis

Forecast Forex currency market on 03/15/2013

Hello, for technical reasons, the review did not come out in time, but let's take a look at what to expect from the Forex market on 15.03.2013


As expected the price returned to the penetration level of 1.3000 earlier, but was fixed very close to him.Most likely, today, tomorrow we form one of the patterns Price Action, and continue to move down the trend.Alternative scenario: the breakdown of the trend and the continuation of the correction in the area of ​​1.31241.


GBPUSD still decided to go back into the range above the price of 1.50000.Most likely we see a pullback to the level of 1.50000, thus we get the confirmation that the breakdown is not false, and will continue to trend upward movement unfolding.The alternative: Try a different level of 1.5000 was false and continue to move with the trend.For entries in the transaction is recommended to wait for the signal in the form of Price Action Patterns.


As expected the price of a pair AUDUSD went to the district l

evel of 1.03673 and even try it.Most likely, after a small correction back to the level, we will continue to move up in the area of ​​price 1.04744.Patterns for transactions not yet, those who came out of the purchase or do not have time to enter, can wait for the patterns on smaller TF during the rollback, and included in the purchase.Sales is not recommended to treat.


USDJPY continues to move in a little sideways, and again formed a small Doji.Any serious obstacles for the price is not observed, so expect a continuation of the uptrend.The transaction log is recommended for the pattern rule.