Forex Analysis

Review of the Forex currency market on 03/18/2013

Hello, let's look at what to expect in the Forex market on 18.03.2013


price of EURUSD breaking through the trendline rushed on up.To confirm the trend of fracture, a correction of the trend in the region and the level of 1.3000.Alternative scenario: it was a false breakout of the trend line and followed by a continuation of the trend down.For transactions recommended to wait for signals as Price Action Patterns.


far from the resistance level of 1.52025 price formed a Pin Bar.To confirm the trend of fracture must be corrected in the district level 1.50000.Alternative scenario: The end of an upward correction, and continued the trend down.The transaction is recommended to go gently on the rules of the pattern, but closely monitor the price of 1.5000 price region.


On the weekly chart, the price USDCHF formed a pattern of absorption, resistance to the 0.95025 level.To confirm the trend on a daily chart of fracture should be adjusted to the area of ​​the level 0.9434

0.To enter a trade on a daily chart, you must wait for the signal in the form of Price Action Patterns.


Doji pattern is formed on the last week some great work out, and the price moved up.On the daily chart, as expected, on Friday the price fell back to the district level of 1.03673 and the continued upward movement.The immediate objective for shopping 1.04744.


On the weekly chart, the price has moved in the USDCAD correction in the area of ​​the upper boundary of the channel, which previously penetrated.Most likely to continue correction in the price of 1.00649 and the area of ​​the channel.On the daily charts is likely a small correction to the upside trend line and the level of 1.02239.The next target for sales 1.01670.For entries in the transaction must wait for the signal in the form of Price Action Patterns.


price of USDJPY pair decided to see a bit of the area to correct the level of 94,651.Most likely, after the correction will continue to move up the trend.For entries in the transaction must wait for the signal in the form of Price Action Patterns.


On the weekly chart GBPJPY formed a Doji.On the daily chart likely to continue correction in the area of ​​142,328 level, and then continued upward trend.Alternative scenario: the end of an upward correction in the weekly chart, and forming the top of the 2nd confirm fracture trend.Then followed a long downward trend.


At the level of 1596.10 price has formed a small pin-bar.Possible rebound from the level and movement in the price of 1566.71 area.But in general, the situation is not completely clear.Sales are advised to consider carefully, and to wait for a clearer picture.


On the weekly chart of silver, the price pattern has formed inner bar.On the daily chart we see the sideways movement between levels.For entries in the transaction is recommended to wait for a clearer picture.Aggressive traders can place pending orders on either side of lateral movement and to monitor further developments.