Forex Analysis

Analytics Forex currency market on 03/19/2013

Welcome to the opening of the market showed big gaps, and some broke the big picture.But let's look at what to expect from the market on 19.03.2013


EURUSD due to a gap opened at 1.29138 and closed below 1.3000, in an attempt to block the GEO.Most likely we will continue downward movement bounced off the 1.3000 level.For entries in the transaction is recommended to wait for the signal in the form of Price Action Patterns.


price of GBPUSD formed inner bar near the level of 1.52025.To confirm the trend of fracture must be corrected in the district level 1.50000.Alternative scenario: The end of an upward correction, and continued the trend down.The transaction is recommended to go by the rules of the pattern.


Price USDCAD pair by running a small correction to the trend line formed pattern Pin Bar on the resistance level of 1.02239.Most likely we will continue to move downward.The transaction is recommended to go by the rules of the pattern.The next target for sales 1.



price for a pair USDJPY likely rebounded from the level of 94,651, thereby completing the correction.It is likely to be a continuation of the trend movement upwards.