Forex Analysis

Forex Market Analysis on 10/30/2014

Hello, below is some advice on forex trading on 30.10.2014


ERUSDaili 30102014

price of EURUSD pair formed a pattern of absorption.Props have no pattern, but very close to, the top, is the level of 1.28000.I think it can be calculated for the end of the correction and not wait for the continuation of falling of the price.The transaction is recommended to go by the rules of the pattern.


AUDOSDaili 30102014

On AUDUSD pair formed ochrednoy absorption pattern.near the upper limit of the lateral movement.It seems necessary to wait for the downward movement to the level of 0.86856 with an attempt to pass it.The deal on the pattern recommended go gently.


ERZhPIDaili 30102014

On EURJPY pair price formed a Doji pattern based on the resistance level of 137,835.The level is quite strong, and I think worth the wait downward correction.The transaction is not recommended to go on the pattern.


GBPZhPIDaili 30102014

on a pair GBPJPY price pattern has formed inner bar based on the resistance level of 174.733.Probably the strength to pass the leve

l is not enough and should not expect downward correction.The deal on the pattern recommended go gently.