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Review of the Forex currency market on 01/04/2013

Hello, we have the beginning of a new month, and let's look at what to expect in the Forex market 1.04.2013


As we can see on the weekly chart history, after the classic pin-bar, which carried in May 2011foot scalpers before going down, CHFNOK pair traded quietly down.Bounced off level 5.9323 price moves up along the corridor.On the weekly and daily charts formed a pattern of inner bar.The transaction log is recommended according to the rules of the pattern on both sides, becausemostly go in the outset, and the removal of characteristic stops before reversing was not.


has developed quite an interesting picture on the monthly chart of the pair EURDKK.As we can see a couple for a long time (always) moved sideways, increasingly narrowing the corridor of price movement.Apparently still determine the direction of the ball, and the border triangle, the price has performed a classic pullback back to the border, forming a patern Pin Bar.On the daily chart as a small pin-bar and mo

st obvious is the further growth of the pair.The transaction is recommended to go by the rules of the pattern.


pair GBPNOK On the weekly chart the price formed a Doji pattern on the support level 8.80983.On the daily chart also obrazvalsya Dodges, and likely the price will continue its upward movement.For entries in the transaction recommended otbratit attention to spread equal to 351 old settlements.Fans of the scalp, and intraday trading, trading in this pair is recommended to keep tidy.


I would like to draw your attention, which is a monthly chart of the pair formed USDHKD hidden pattern MMM.The pattern is remarkable that there is no confidence in him, and it is not recommended to trade him.Aggressive traders risked to trade this pair, it is advisable to note that the following immediate movements, most likely, we will draw a number 2 ... Continue dorisovyvat pattern.

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