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Forex Calendar Wallpaper

economic calendar in the form of online pages we rassmatrivali.V this time it will be a fairly advanced version of the program for the PC.

installation and some of the possibilities

  • Download the archive at the end of the recording, razarhiviruem and set as a normal program by running the .exe file.
  • find on the desktop shortcut News Updater and run it.

We see the main program window:

There are two large horizontal section: «Past Events» (past events) and «Future Events» (future events) .T.k.things we have little interest in the past, you can stretch the Future Events section wider arm.

We also see columns:

Date \ time - the date and the event time

Time left - how much time is left before the event

Timer - see the description of function below the timer

Curr. - currency, which is connected with the news

Event - the name of the news / event

Import. - important news: Low - Low, Medium - Medium, High - high.

Actual - current

Forecast - forecast

Previous - previous value

  • Click on Options

click here toOther tab exhibited in a small window how often should be updated calendar.

The default is the frequency of updates every half hour, but it's too malo.Ya would advise to put updated every 3-5 minutes .Zhmem OK.

  • If you press the button , there will be an instant update of data on the calendar.
  • If at the beginning to click on one of the future and then press button, you will see the timer setting window, that can remind us of N minutes of an upcoming event, or even run the trading platform.

  • pressing the button LOW, MEDIUM and HIGH () can be on / opt news these categories respectively.
  • With buttons can be set to show the news only for certain currencies.

This basically everything.The program is simple enough, do not be afraid to press everywhere, trying different options, etc.

Download calendar