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How to disable Avtoapdeyt in MT4

irritates you constantly arising Live-Update window on Metatrader 4 launch?Or do you just want to make sure that advisors / scripts do not stop working because of incompatibilities after the next update of the terminal?

So, is there a way to disable this same Auto-Update in MT4.

Unfortunately, a program will not be able to do this interface, so go a roundabout way :)

1. Close the terminal

2. Open the folder containing the Metatrader 4 terminal, usually located in the Program Files directory.

3. Locate the file LiveUpdate.exe

4. Rename it as you like, but so that you are then able to remember what kind of file.For example «LiveUpdateOFF.exe»

5. All that now we have stopped terminal auto-update.To turn it on again, return the file «LiveUpdate.exe» original name.