Forex Analysis

Forex Market Analysis on 02/12/2013

Hello, today had some interesting movements ....


Gold today is sure to come out with a triangle to the south.To enter the sale is better to wait for the rollback to the lower boundary of the triangle, and already there to watch patterns Price Action.Just rollback confirm that the sample was not false and continue the downward movement.From shopping should refrain.


GBPUSD sharp drop back to the area of ​​the triangle boundaries and level of 1.56861, apparently having decided to continue the trend down.It is best to refrain from transactions and wait for a clearer situation.


USDCAD today made a good move upwards, reaching the goal of 1.00778.But opposed by pass this level could not rollback to the level of 1.00409.In the near future I think will go 1.00778 test again.As long as the purchase is better to close or convert to B \ Y (breakeven).From sales is better to abstain.


NZDUSD drew another inside the candle, the candle inside the parent, continuing the

pattern of inner bar.Which continues to inform us about the possible growth and the continuation of lateral movement between the two levels.Trading couple recommended carefully, and do not forget that the main movement upwardly.