Forex Analysis

The situation in the forex market on 27.02.2014

Hello, below is some advice on forex trading on 27.02.2014


gvpusdaili 27022014

on GBPUSD pair the price continues to move between levels of 1.66435 and 1.67580 formed a Doji pattern today.It is not clear whether the correction is over or down will attempt to break the uptrend.The deal to include recommended pattern carefully.


gbpzhpidaili 27022014

on GBPJPY pair the price continues a series of Doji patterns in 170,000 level area.Perhaps the price is up is not allowed, and try to keep within the range of the level where the price will follow after that is not clear.From trade on this pair to refrain, until the situation clearer.


hauusdaili 27022014

the price of gold has formed a pattern Absorption bit before reaching the resistance level of 1347.90.Perhaps it is a signal to the beginning of the downward correction after a good growth of the price.The deal on the pattern recommended go carefully, becausethe main trend is up.