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How to return the money for purchases Clickbank

all seen beautiful promises in the western sites to return the money if the strategy / adviser does not like it?What is it?Marketing course or banal layout?Do you really believe naively that someone will return the money to you?

actually really return the money.In this post we will talk about holding refunda (refund - a refund for your purchase) in the Clickbank system.

So you bought Advisor / indicator / strategy, but they will not like.

First, make sure that the goods purchased through Clickbank system: when you click "Buy" you will go to the payment page with

logo After buying the goods you received an email about this content:

From: ClickBank Customer Service & lt;>
Sent: Wednesday, February 4, 2009 1:16:00 PM
Subject: Receipt for your ClickBank Order # EMG6S6FS

Dear Peter IVANOV,

This emailconfirms that you made a purchase from
transaction will appear on your statement as «CLICKBANK» or «CLKBANK * COM.»
ClickBank is the Internet's largest retailer of digital products.Please review
the following information and keep this email for future reference.Thank you
for your order.


and further information about your purchase and payment

to return money(make the refund), no need to contact the seller! We just choose in our mailbox a letter with proof of purchase and click "Forward" to address

At the beginning of the letter, the text before purchase, we finish something like « Please make refund on following purchase: ».We send a letter.And

.After a week or two of the money to the last cent, back to our card.

But ClickBank is also not stupid work.Once you will go through a similar operation again 8-10, you simply banned, and in his own name, you will not be able to buy anything through this system.By clicking the payment button will pop up a message « Your order was not approved »

P.S.By the way, yes, I was there for several years as a banned :-)