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Forecast of currency pairs in the Forex on 04/28/2015

Hello, below is some advice on forex trading on 28.04.2015


USDSADDaili 27042015

On USDCAD pair has decided to continue to fall in price, and formed a pattern of absorption.We support the pattern in the form of the previously punched 1.21833 level.The transaction is recommended to go by the rules of the pattern.


YuSDHFDaili 27042015

on price USDCHF pair formed a Doji pattern.We have a pattern in the form of a support level of 0.95208 which is already fought several times the price.Probably try to get back to the level of 0.97313.The deal on the pattern recommended go gently.


HAUUSDaili 27042015

the price of gold has once again strayed from the level of prices in the region and established a pattern 1174.355 Absorption.Perhaps now we will try to go through the resistance level of 1216.570.The transaction is not recommended to go on the pattern.

Analytics banks


Limit orders:
Morgan Stanley - EUR / USD: Sell limit at 1.1, T / P: 1, S / L: 1.11


Limit orders:
Credit Suisse - USD /JPY: Buy limit at 118.6

5, T / P: 120.3, S / L: 118.65

Danske - USD / JPY: Buy limit at 118.72, T / P: 120.17, S / L: 118.48


Limit orders:
Danske - USD / CHF: Sell limit at 0.959, T / P: 0.945, S / L: 0.964


Limit orders:
Morgan Stanley - AUD / USD: Sell limit at 0.795, T / P: 0.73,S / L: 0.805


Limit orders:
Morgan Stanley - USD / CAD: Buy limit at 1.18, T / P: 1.22, S / L: 1.17


Limit orders:
Danske - GBP /USD: Buy limit at 1.5088, T / P: 1.5317, S / L: 1.5013

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