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What you should pay attention to December 17, 2014 g

Hello, below is some advice on forex trading on 17.12.2014


GVPUSDaili 17122014

on GBPUSD pair after yesterday's pattern Absorption price returned back to the level of 1.57496.Further price action is not yet clear, and it is necessary to wait for the development of the situation.For entries in the transaction is recommended to wait for clearer as Price Action Patterns situations and signals.


USDSADDaili 17122014

On USDCAD pair price went up to the level of 1.16543 and formed patetrn inner bar..The level is quite strong, and perhaps the beginning of the downward correction after a long growth.The transaction is recommended to go carefully, becausethe current trend is up.


NZDOSDaili 1122014

on a pair NZDUSD price pattern formed after the absorption of a rollback to the level of 0.77179.Probably worth waiting for growth of the price level in the area of ​​0.79765 to continue outset.The transaction is recommended to go by the rules of the pattern.


GBPZhPIDaili 17122014

on GBPJPY pair formed a price pattern Pin Bar.Which either have n

o bearing pattern.Possibility to go up a little earlier to a penetration level of 185.959.The transaction is not recommended to go on the pattern.