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Auto-Restart MetaTrader 4 on loss of communication

Anyone familiar strumming sound, which publishes the Metatrader 4 terminal when connection is lost.After a few seconds, sometimes minutes, the connection is restored and the program continues to operate normally.But sometimes the terminal after the loss of communications "tupit" and can only help him restart.If you are at this moment are close to the computer, then everything is OK.And if you have in the account running the adviser, and the terminal is set to the VPS-server, this situation can lead to large losses ... What to do?How to insure themselves and their own expense from such force majeure?The answer is.

And he called MT4 AutoRestart .This script is designed to automatically restart when it detects Metatrader4 communication problems, it can also send a notification e-mail.Many settings can help you avoid unnecessary reboot situations, when the communication is restored itself after a few seconds.


MT4 AutoRestart designed as a counselor, so installed as well as any ot

her trade expert (see. How to install forex advisor).Attach Advisor to the chart of any currency pair, on any timeframe.

Description Setting MT4 AutoRestart

Note: Please note that Advisor settings can only be changed at the time of installation at the graph, so to change something you must first remove an expert from the chart and attach it again.

WarnAfterSeconds - after how many seconds after losing a connection to send a notification and / or restart the terminal

SendEmail - on \ off a notification email

RestartMT4OnProblems - on \ off automatic restartMT4 upon detection of communication problems

Many brokers make the weekend maintenance work, in which one loses the connection terminal to the server, to once again not to do auto-restart during the weekends, we can customize the EA working hours of our broker (all time settingsbased on the clock of the computer on which the terminal is installed, - the broker's time, do not pay attention):

BrokerOpensOnDayOfWeek - put the number 0 (Sunday) or 1 (Monday), depending on what day at the computer clockIt opens our broker.

BrokerOpensAtHour - hour opening of trading broker

BrokerOpensAtMinute - minute opening broker trade (amendment to an hour)

BrokerClosesOnDayOfWeek - put the number 5 (Friday) or 6 (Saturday), independing on what day at the computer clock closes our broker.

BrokerClosesAtHour - hour closing trading broker

BrokerClosesAtMinute - minute closing trading broker (addition to an hour)

also available settings for text email-notification.

Note: To enable the notification to the post office, you need to set them running RestartMT4.exe file (located in the experts \ libraries folder).It supports Gmail, and Yahoo.

Download MT4 AutoRestart

Download Advisor MT4 Auto Restart

Important!Nuances of the installation in new builds Metatrader 4