Forex Analysis

Forex Market Overview on 01/06/2015

Hello.Below is some advice for trading in the Forex market on 1.06.2015


YuSDHFDaili 1062015

on price USDCHF pair formed a pattern of pin-bar rolling back a bit after hanging up on the level of 0.95052.Probably try to resume the trend and go through the resistance level.The transaction is recommended to go carefully, becausevery close to the top level.


USDSADDaili 1062015

On USDCAD pair has formed yet another price pattern Pin-bar level 1.24178 area.The pattern is on the level, but can start a downward correction after a long growth of the price.The deal on the pattern recommended go gently.


GBPZhPIDaili 1062015

on a pair GBPJPY pair formed a Doji price patterns in the level of 189.622 area.Probably worth waiting for the continuation of the uptrend.The transaction is recommended by the rules vhodit pattern.

Analytics banks


Limit orders:
Morgan Stanley - USD / JPY: Buy limit at 122, T / P: 125, S / L: 121

Credit Suisse - USD / JPY: Buy limit at 123.44,T / P: 127.2, S / L: 122.75


Limit orders:
Credit Suisse - USD / CAD: Buy limit at 1.235, T / P: 1.283, S / L: 1.2302


Limit orders:
Credit Suisse - AUD / USD: Sell limit at 0.78, T / P: 0.756, S / L: 0.7865


Limit orders:
Danske - NZD / USD: Sell limit at 0.722, T / P: 0.6978, s / L: 0.7275


Limit orders:
Morgan Stanley - GBP / USD: Sell limit at 1.55, T / P: 1.51, s / L: 1.56

Credit Suisse - GBP / USD: Sell limit at1.545, T / P: 1.534, S / L: 1.552