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Installation Instructions trading strategies

Several times I made the remark that the video of forex strategy I should not each time through the process of installing a system of indicators and patterns.Like this, and so everyone knows :).But, believe me, this site is visited a lot of beginners, who even banal MTS installation in the terminal can be a hassle.And, so as not to cover this same setting in all of the video, I decided to do a little installation manual trading strategies (systems) in the Metatrader 4 terminal .And in case of problems at the beginning, I will just give a link to the article.

It should be noted that this guide is intended for those strategies included which are any files to be installed in the terminal, if the strategy bezindikatornaya example is based entirely on the combination of candlesticks, in which case youit is not necessary to install anything :)

well, if the strategy has some files, then we act according to the following instructions.

Installation Instructions trading strategies

1. You must have downloaded and installed Metatrader 4 trading terminal

2. Look what files we have in the archive with the trading system.Usually this indicator (s), a template, sometimes strategy with supporting advisors (to work with advisors read the FAQ and the installation trade advisors).

indicators Files ( .ex4 or .mq4 ) need to be copied into MQL4 / indicators folder in the directory database terminal.

To get into this directory, run the terminal and click File - & gt; Open Data catalog

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strategy template file is also often present for quick installation on its schedule.This file has an extension .tpl , it is copied in Templates folder directory data terminal.

3. Next restart our Metatrader 4 terminal, click on the top Service program panel - & gt; Settings and Advisors tab, tick stamped as in the screenshot below.Then click OK .

4. In the window "Market Watch", right click on the name of the currency pair for which the system is designed, and select the "Graphic Window".

Note: If you do not have an instrument in the "Market Watch", click on any pair, right-click and select "Show all symbols."

5. Now we need to change the time frame (time slot) graphics on the one that is needed to trade the system.Click on the open chart anywhere, right-click, select period- & gt; The desired timeframe from the list.

6. If your system was supplied template, then click on the graph, right-click, choose pattern- & gt; template name strategy.After that, the system is ready for operation.If the template was not, then you need to install the lights on the schedule manually.Installing and configuring the indicators discussed in detail here.

Note: After installing the indicator chart, you can save your own template.RMB on the chart, - & gt; pattern- & gt; Save Template

7. Repeat steps 4-6 to set the system to other currency pairs.

That's all, as you can see, it is very simple.