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The truth about binary options

Binary Options Reviews Hello friends!I'm sure many of you have encountered in the network advertising binary options.I am often asked whether it is necessary to trade binary options, whether it is possible to capitalize on this and what strategy to use.Well, let's look at this question in more detail, be clear that this is such a beast - binary options, unlike the forex and whether it is necessary in this area to climb.

Who has bred a lot of companies offering to trade binary options, and on the websites of these companies, we painted untold wealth, easy earnings and offer view promotional video, like for example this:

What is binary options?

What is binary options

So what are these same options?Here is a definition gives Wikipedia:

binary option ( digital option , option "all or nothing» or option with fixed return ) - an option that, depending on the implementation of the agreed conditions at the agreed time or provides a fixedthe amount of income, or does not bring anything.

Usually we are talking about whether the stock exc

hange price of the underlying asset is above (or below) a certain level.A fixed payment is made in the case of the option payoff, regardless of price (whether it is higher or lower) changes.

Binary options allow to know exactly the size of the payment and the possible risks before conclusion of the contract, which provides the ability to easily manage a large number of trades.

What we have in reality?You simply place a bet in the casino, to the fact that, say, an hour later the price will be lower pair Eurodollar 1.hhhh.If you were right, you get back your bet amount, plus interest of 70% on top.If you make a mistake - you lose 80-90 percent of their bets.The principle is very similar to a roulette wheel: red-black, red-black ... only instead of a wheel with colored figures we have on the prices of financial instruments.

subject is generally not very popular, becauseMoney played instantly and too large share of luck.But there are enthusiasts who are trying to develop a strategy for earning a binary options, some of these systems sell someone just divided into forums, important that the strategy is.

Can I make a binary options?

Can I make a binary options

So, you've found / developed / purchased some wonderful technique of earnings in the binary options.In the bag?It would not be so ....The company provides access to the rates, by hook or by crook will not give you money.They simply rule out such a possibility.Here's a real example of this in our forum - the man started to interfere in every possible way to bet after earning $ 2,500.And if in the online casino business is solved configuration scripts (who do not know, in a virtual casino, you can not always win, even if you are the most successful and intelligent people in the world), then there seems to manual control "particularly violent" players.

Is it worth trying to trade binary options?

Is it worth it to trade binary options

Against the background of the above pretty stupid question.If you like the casino and you do not have problems with money - Ride Vegas .This is probably the only place in the world where the casino does not use any "tricks".And yes, there is a microscopic chance that you win a million dollars or more.The casino will still eventually earn in the stories of the lucky ones, resulting in new players.But the casinos in other cities and countries, for example in Macau, Singapore or the ones that were in Moscow to offer absolutely fair play can not, and should be viewed solely as entertainment.

So, binary options - it's just a kind of casino and the species is not very good.If you think otherwise, or work for a company which provides access to the rates - reasonable leave comments indicating your position (for example, "Marketing Manager") and the company (eg «Options4Fools»).