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Trading Signals - a new feature in your platform Metatrader

Trading signals in Metatrader 4-5 Hello friends!I'm sure many of you have noticed the appearance in the latest builds of the trading terminal MetaTrader tab « Trading Signals «.What is this service?How is it different from other similar, the same Zulutrade?How to subscribe to the signals, or to become a seller?All this you will learn from this article.

What kind of service is this?

«Trading signals" - in fact the name speaks for itself.Do you subscribe to the signals of another trader and his transaction copied to your terminal, with a predetermined risk.A trader-dealer signals you pay a certain fee for the ability to copy his trades.As a result, everybody is a winner.

But the fact is that many of these services have had problems with the technical part of it.Most often used by various copyists transactions, which does not always work well, and as a result of the transaction were copied to the delays that led to requotes on the client's account and loss of profits.And, sometimes completely, if the signal provider's strategy Scalp

ing, with the objectives of only a few points.

have solutions from Metaquotes have a great advantage.BecauseSignal Service provides developers themselves Metatrader 4/5 of the terminal, all necessary technical basis of already implemented in the MT and works perfectly, becauseIt is part of the program.Delays virtually none.

How to buy signals?Since

service is already integrated into the terminal, it is very simple.Below is the detailed instructions (all screenshots increase click-through).

1. Of course, you MetaTrader (4 or 5), the terminal must be set.

2. Next, you need to register on is similar to other sites - you will need to enter your mailbox, to come up with a login and password.After registering, you will be sent a letter with supporting a link, which you need to go to the end of the process of opening the account.

3. Now open our trading terminal and go to the tab Tools- & gt; Settings- & gt; Community.

Tab MT4 community you prescribe our username and password from an account on (see para. 2) and press OK .

4. Next we need to choose the signal provider.You can do this directly from the trading terminal, in the terminal window (where your account balance and transaction open) tab signals.

Alarms tab in the window terminal And by right-clicking on the provider you are interested signals, select « Podpisatcya «.

But in my opinion, it is more convenient to choose suppliers on page.The information is presented more clearly.

Selecting signal provider

Note that for MT4 and MT5 suppliers of different signals!

Pressing trader you are interested, you can get information about the account statistics, its balance, the number of subscribers, the type (real or demo), and the cost of subscriptions to the signals.There are also reviews of subscribers.

Detailed information about the seller signals

page signals every seller has the "Subscribe" button, clicking on which we show our desire to subscribe to up transactions.Some suppliers in the subscription cost of FREE .This means that the subscription is free.

subscribe button

After pressing the button you will be taken to a screen where you need to choose the duration of your subscription (week or month) and when to start copying signals.Also enter the name of your broker and account number (you can copy the signal as a real and on a demo account).No password to the account is not necessary to indicate.

Confirmation of subscription to signals put a tick "I agree with the subscription terms and conditions" and click "Subscribe."

Note: If you subscribe to premium signals, then naturally you will first need to replenish your account balance.You can do this on your profile page on in the "Payments" section.

5. Restart your terminal and by going to the tab Tools- & gt; Settings- & gt; signals, you will see that you are now subscribed to a particular seller signals.We need to turn up deals.

To copy your signal terminal must be permanently switched on!If you can not keep your computer online 24/5, set VPS-server .

stamped tick as in the screenshot below, if desired change the risk level settings (see below) and click OK .

Activate copy signals in MT4

That's all.Now, the deal signals provider will be copied to your account automatically.


risk settings in the subscription settings on the signals there are a few points on the trading terminal, which allows to set the level of risk.

Stop if below - specify the value of the balance sheet, at which all trades will be closed and up for new signals suspended.

Perform within N spreads - specify how the items in the form of the spread price may differ from the price of the warrant for the execution of the copy.Different brokers slightly different stream of quotes, so this setting is required.

load no more than N% of deposit - specify what percentage of the deposit you give a trade signal.In one transaction, and as a whole.Next, the system sootneset size allocated for signals of the deposit with the deposit seller signals (shoulders, different balance sheet - all of this is taken into account machine).And expose the appropriate item to copy transactions.That

if the signal provider loses his deposit, and you have selected under the trade by signals 30% of the deposit, you will lose only 30%, rather than your entire account.

Interesting features of the signal from the service Metaquotes

1) technical part is already integrated in

terminal This is what I mentioned in the beginning.Signal Metaquotes service from the default built into the Metatrader Terminal, so it works well and fast.You do not have to deal with external software bugs.

2) subscriber account synchronization signals and the seller

very interesting feature, which tries to protect the subscriber from his own own stupidity.The bottom line is that the primary sync on the account subscriber should be no orders.Otherwise, the system will not work.

also first order that we have on account of a signal provider, copied only if their income is negative or equal to zero.And there is a rule: one count = 1 subscription signals 1 seller.

Such restrictions are made to the subscriber for its manual transactions or a subscription to another signal provider does not lead his own expense to the margin call.

If you want to subscribe to several signal providers, you need to open several accounts.In my opinion, very reasonable limits.

3) All signal providers tested

before one or the other signal provider appears in the list, it must undergo a month of probation.If the supplier shows a loss of 60 percent or more, its signals and remain inaccessible for the subscription.Of course on forex past performance does not guarantee future, but it is still some no, but insurance.

How to become a supplier of signals?

This is done simply, described at:

You can sell signals, even with a small amount on the account and thus increase the total income from trading, giving accesstheir transactions.As I wrote above, you will need to for a month to show a profitable trade, so that your account has been made available for subscription.


Should I pay attention to the signal service from Metaquotes?I think yes.Today, from a technical point of view, this is probably the most advanced solution on the market.A global coverage (terminal Metatrader enjoyed most traders) will soon provide a large number of signals both providers and subscribers.

In addition, the service is gradually evolving and soon promise to implement the function of TET (Trusted Execution Token) - a special kind of power of attorney, which allows copy trades directly through your broker.Those.keep the terminal included no longer necessary.