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How long MetaTrader 4 ?Exclusive interview with Metaquotes.

Interview with Metaquotes again welcome traders TradeLikeaPro portal!Company Metaquotes, developers of the well-known MetaTrader 4, has kindly agreed to give our site interviews, from which you will learn the terms of the full transition to the MT5, what to expect from the mobile terminal, on what products and services will focus the company in the near future, and that we will seein MetaTrader 6.

our questions answered representative of Metaquotes.

waves of all, the question is: how much is left MT4?Many spent a lot of time and money for the purchase / development of software for the terminal, some even the whole trading strategy without this terminal will no longer work.I have seen the information on the network that support will go "until the last customer."Is it so?

Yes, that's right.MetaTrader 4 terminal will be maintained for a long time.If we talk about adding new features (not to be confused with the update), the MetaTrader 4 it is not planned.

Hence the question: is there a program for the integration of a

dvisors and indicators from MT4 to 5 mt?

Unfortunately, no.

We know that the study of MQL5 should be comfortable.So we spend a lot of time to the way it was, constantly publish articles, updating the documentation, answer questions on the forums, and the Service Desk.If the right to use all of these, difficulties in the development should arise.

Remember that MQL5 language, being already the fourth version of our trading strategies programming language, is a well-thought-out decision, born many years of practice.This is a specialized application language, not a general purpose language.

In recent years, are gaining popularity computers from Apple.Do you plan to release MT4 / MT5 for MacOs?

Perhaps in the future we will consider this possibility, but now version under Wine fully covers the needs of traders.See. Http://

MT4 Why not trade in a single click, and have to buy third-party solutions in the form of scripts and advisors, implementing this feature?

Now all our efforts are concentrated on MetaTrader 5. phenomenal upgrade in MetaTrader 4, we do not plan to.There are just certain things improve.By the way, recently we have released another update MetaTrader 4, where the opportunity to trade with charts.

What improvements planned to do for developers?One of the requests - improved navigation in the code, as the development of large projects, navigation becomes extremely uncomfortable.Also, if the extension / change programming language features planned (for example, to add the ability to create even the simplest structures)?

Yes, improvements will be.Some of them have already shown: MQL5 Storage, debugger, profiler.With navigation we will think later, we now focus on higher priority tasks.

If we talk about the MQL5, he constantly expanded and updated.Incidentally, in the structure of language is.See -. Http://

If you have any wishes or questions, you can always make them through the Service Desk ( ru / forum / 625) or at forum.We always listen and analyze them, even if it will take time.One thing that 90% of the proposals we are unable to accept.This is due to several reasons.Write your wishes, we will think.But do not forget that we are working on the principle of "simplicity at the expense of functionality."

Does the choice source download historical quotes will appear?This refers to the situation where the broker does not provide quotes the story in the right amount (currently normal story only gives Alpari), or not at all (with the loading, for example, quotes a Metaquotes server).At the same time, perhaps there will be an independent service that provides a variety of quotes for everyone?

No, such a source, we do not plan to.

Let's look at things in a sober, working historical quotes - it is in the interests of the broker.If the broker is not willing to do that, then you may want to change it.On our side, there are all.Why force the broker to bring their quotes in proper form.

Do you plan to create a service with real teak quotes, which would give 100% quality modeling in Strategy Tester ?!And so they were without Gaps in history.

Not until such plans no.

In recent years become popular again with the analysis of trade volumes.some means will be introduced to assess whether the volume of transactions on a given spark plug, in addition to tick data?Many use the data from the CME futures, it would be good to have in the terminal any indicator, aggregating the data.

Yeah, maybe in the future will provide such an opportunity.

touch on mobile terminals.Many are waiting for the MT4 version of the Ipad.Whether it is in the design?

Yes, she will soon be presented.Follow the news.

Also, regarding mobile terminals whether MT4 release is planned for these operating systems like Windows Phone?For her predecessor (Windows Mobile) had its own version of the terminal and very good - enjoyed in his time.

It all depends on whether or not to shoot it.Currently, the position from her poor.

also often people ask about support for third-party indicators in mobile terminals.I, unfortunately, am not sure whether it is technically possible, but all the same: there are plans to introduce support for external files?If no indicators, at least patterns (templates)?

No, custom indicators and patterns in the mobile versions will not.Imagine the volume and complexity of the virtual machine system with all the functionality MQL5.This is a fundamental point.

At present there is much talk about the introduction of MT5 on the Russian Stock Exchange (FORTS, MICEX).Is MetaQuotes company is moving in this direction?And if so, how soon can we expect the Meta Trader 5 at the Russian stock broker?

Yes, we are moving in this direction.Already, you can trade on FORTS.Several brokers already offer this capability.Soon it will be possible to trade on futures.Follow the news.

I understand that it is still too early to say, but I will ask: what to expect from Metatrader 6?

course, reliable and easy to use product, as well as precursors.In MetaTrader 6 will include the best of all platforms.So it was with MetaTrader 4 and MetaTarder 5. In any case, it is too early to say.

What are the company's plans for the future?Maybe we will see some new products or services?

plan is actually a lot.

First of all we will continue to work on improving the MetaTrader 5 and its services (trading signals, Market, Work, etc.).Work on them is permanent, be sure to stay tuned.

In parallel with this, we will develop a relationship with a variety of exchanges and platforms.Here we have a very good position, recently launched on the FORTS, futures in the plans.

Thank you very much for your answers.With pleasure we will follow the further development of your company and its products.