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How to install and configure the VPS server to trade the forex

vps server for forex Hello, fellow forex traders!Finally ready video tutorial on installing and configuring VPS server.So today you will learn:

  • Why a VPS server?
  • Where it is better to rent?
  • How to connect to it?
  • How to configure Autoplay terminals?
  • How to instantly learn about the problems on the server?

What is a VPS server?

What is a VPS server

Without going into technical details and features, VPS server - a computer with him running Windows Server.Only the computer without a monitor and is somewhere far away, often in another country.

Using your computer, via the Internet, you connect to the server, install software, forex advisors, hang on the indicators and graphs are disconnected from the VPS.And all you set the server program advisors and continue their work.Regardless of whether your home PC is turned on or not.

Why do I need a VPS?I have a normal PC ...

Generally, if you are going to work seriously with the trade experts, without VPS you can not do.This is for several reasons:

  1. keep many terminals running
    on a home PC just uncomfortable.
  2. you safe from power outages.
  3. The loss or interruption of internet connection you will no longer be disturbed.
  4. you can safely use your normal computer reboots without fear and unnecessary burden on the iron.
  5. If computer use not only you but also your children / parents / aunt / uncle, etc., then the advisors on a VPS server, they are certainly not hurt either.

Where better to order a VPS server?

Where to order the UPU

There are many providers offering the UPU for rent.Personally, I use the server from complicated in the process of ordering is not: you simply select the desired configuration at the, fill out the form with their data and pay for your order soon get instructions on e-mail to connect to your server.

How to connect to the server?

How to connect to the VPN server

connection process is fairly easy:

1. In the "Start" menu of your computer find the directory "All Programs" folder in it, "Standard", and then the utility « Remote Desktop Connection «.

Connecting to a Remote Desktop

2. In the window that appears, enter the Ip address of your server (you get it in writing from the provider) and click Connect .

Connecting to AMS

3. download directly server window, where you will be asked to enter your password for access to the VPS.

Password to access the UPU

4. But after entering the password, you'll be already directly to the management server.

Window server vps

5. In fact, in front of you all the same vindous that on an ordinary PC.All actions such as software installation, backup files, etc.performed as well as on your home computer.

6. How to disconnect from the server so that the running programs to continue their work?Very simple: press a button to close the connection window to the UPU - a cross (X).A window appears with a warning:

Disconnecting from the UPU

7. After you click OK, you are disconnected from the UPU, but all running your trading terminals, advisors and any programs, will continue their work.

more detail about the process of working with a server on a VPS file transfer methods, adding programs to auto-run when the system is restarted, as well as monitor the health of your service UPU explains in the video at the beginning of this article.Must see.