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4 reasons NOT to open ruble account forex

why you should not open an account with Forex in rubles
Hello.Today I will try to answer the question "to open an account with Forex In what currency."

Well, who among us is not a patriot?Who among us does not honor the face of the King and the native currency?Unfortunately, the native currency does not always respond to us in return.That forex accounts opened in rubles, pose a latent threat ...

can identify 4 main reasons why it is not necessary to open an account with Forex in rubles.

Forex software is not familiar with rubles

forex trading software

Well, think for yourself: where developers advisors, indicators, etc.know what rubles?Here you are familiar with the currency of Zimbabwe?Me neither.

Therefore, programmers (including Russian) always make the software with a deposit balance of payments in dollars.If you have an account in rubles and you put some sort of adviser to the auto-calculation of the lot, the robot starts to open your account huge deal.Why?Because he will think that your balance in dollars.

complexities in the calculation of the lot

lot size management

In short, with the expectation of the lot on the ruble account, you break my brains.On dollar account all considered to be easy and simple, its method of calculating the optimal bid for each trade I described here.

Emotional involvement

emotions in the forex

Emotions in forex and so lacking.Why increase their impact?Fluctuations on the account in rubles from Russian traders cause much more concern than some arbitrary units.Still, most of us earns and spends money it is in rubles, not dollars.Therefore, the loss of, say 1,000 rubles, we perceive more than the loss of $ 30.Although in fact it is the same money ...


Inflation in Russia

Inflation in Russia for the year was 6.6% in 2012.Those.your savings in rubles per year "fell" by almost 7%.And sincewe know "embellish" the government really love, you actually have a loss of around 10%.It is necessary to you?

In the US, the annual inflation rate is around 2%.Those.3-4 times lower than RF.I think in school all studied and already considered in the mind in what currency is more profitable to keep funds.Not only on the forex.