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Sometimes you want to relax and watch a good movie.And you can combine business with pleasure and look movies traders and about the exchange.Of course do not expect that you will tell some special knowledge, but as a minimum charge of motivation is provided to you.Below you can read the review of the most interesting films about traders and immediately download them.

Wall Street / Wall Street

main film about traders in the history of cinema.The story about something that results in insider trading and the thirst for big money.The role that made Charlie Sheen's famous.
main character, Gordon Gekko, has become a model for others to follow thousands of successful managers, who came to the Wall Street inspired this film.

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Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps / Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

extremely weak continuation of the famous film.Loud advertising, the same director, but ....This is a story about the relationship with her daughter's father, and that people do

not change much over the years.All we remain who we really are.To view only recommend very stubborn fans of the first part.

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Areas of darkness / Limitless

Who among us has not wanted to develop a some over-capacity, such as to become very smart?Hero Bradley Cooper in "Limitless" is managed with the help of pills a secret drug called NZT.In a short time he became almost super-human, making the state on the stock exchange, is nearing the great success ....But there are tablets and side effects.
Very good, motivating film with an unexpected ending.

Film Limitless

risk limit / Margin Call

Trying to show how a simple man in the street started the last financial crisis.Those who understand the financial markets, most of the dialogues bring a smile, and those who are not familiar, the film seem too boring.I think if it was not a brilliant cast of this movie at all no one would watch.

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Warriors Wall Street / Wall Street Warriors

documentary series about the people who work on the most famous street: traders, lawyers, fund managers, agents and so on.d.Perhaps the most useful object of our list of films about traders.The series is filmed for regular viewers, so all shown very superficially.But to look at least a corner of his eye at the real traders, tossing and turning millions of dollars, a very interesting, informative and good motivation.

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Rogue Trader / Rogue Trader

real story trader Nick Leeson, the British bank went bankrupt oldest "Barings".The arrogance and stupidity of the main character acts involuntarily admired, what is happening on the screen should not be looking deeply empathizing Nick.A great movie.
main lesson - DO NOT attempt to fight the market, and do not try to "win back".Behind the trend can only follow, but in any case not resist it, hold losing positions.

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Good Year / A Good Year

Well, to trading there are only a few minutes at the beginning of the film, when we contemplate as a "great uncle" fighting each other on the London Stock Exchange.Then the protagonist takes a vacation, he went to Provence, meets Marion Cotillard ... Well, you get the :)

Film Good Year

Boiler / Boiler Room

young man settles broker (essentially agentsales) in an unknown firm, which deals with the fact that people share vparivaet shell companies.A very interesting movie to watch.I may be engaged in "aggressive marketing" more than a year, but sales on the phone, and even on large sums ....For me, it's something out of science fiction.And yet, and in fact there are some sellers.Very strong people.

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The Pursuit of Happyness / The Pursuit of Happyness

The film is based on real events from the life of Chris Gardner, single father, forced to live on the street, past all the hardships and adversity,then to open his own brokerage firm and earn millions of dollars.This is a very, very strong film.Even now, several years after the show, at the memory of him, his eyes welling slezy.Etu now recommend to all, regardless of age, gender, religion, etc.This film can change your life.

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The Wolf of Wall Street / The Wolf of Wall Street


Story of a highly controversial trader Jordan Belfort, who has seen many things in its path: the mountain of money, drugs, promiscuity,fear, despair, happiness.After the closure of the bank, where he worked Jordan, he and his neighbor, decides to open his own firm «Stratton Oukmont".Actually, the film is about how the boy has created an empire from a small company, thanks to its own wit, cunning and strength of will.View is worth at least due to the complex plot and brilliant work of the film editors.

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game slide / The Big Short

bear speculation Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling, Steve Carell and Christian Bale in the film based on the bestseller by Michael Lewis' "Great Game for a fall: Secret of the springfinancial catastrophe "of American financiers, who were able to foresee the crisis of 2007-2008, and to capitalize on it.

Release January 14, 2016.