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How to check the authenticity of the monitoring MyfxBook?

Authentication accounts on myfxbook Hello.I think you've seen monitoring accounts through the service MyfxBook on our website and forex forum.In general, zamonitorennye accounts - a good indicator of performance of a Forex advisor, but there are exceptions.Greedy sellers systems often use a variety of tricks: for example hang scalper demo or try to give a demo account for a real one.Today we talk about how to recognize fraud on Myfxbook, on what points you should pay attention before to pray for another "holy grail" of trading.

should start with the fact that service - this is not only an opportunity to keep statistics of their own account and share the results with other traders, but also the place to look for investors, buyers trading systems and signals to subscribers.

Myfxbook help avoid scams

Seller forex systems

Unlike other similar sites, Myfxbook made sure to become a sort of disinterested third party.The intermediary, who can be trusted.And trust is ensured by special checks, which offers traders a service advisor to the bu

yer / investor no doubts the veracity of the results of monitoring.

If in runet lohotronschiki type quite easily find suckers willing to shell out their money for the beautiful descriptions of the products, the burzhunete such tactics will not bring big sales.The foreign segment of the Internet people are more educated, and sell them without Advisor monitoring live accounts difficult.But even the monitors should not believe to 100%, and more specifically to pay attention to the nuances of which we'll talk today.

give you an example.Below you can see the monitor Advisor Million Dollar Pips:

It would seem that the results stagger the imagination, becoming an advisor to a real account and live happily ever after ...

But if we move to the monitoring page, we see that this bill is a DEMO,and not real.

Mifksbuk TIR Demo

A model of the MDP is that due to the nature of execution orders on live accounts will not bring profits robot.Thus, for scalpers demo controls are irrelevant.

But if the account is listed as real, then you should look at: whether the trade is confirmed by history, as well as trade privileges.These instruments authentication monitoring MyfxBook let's discuss in more detail.

Confirmation trade stories on Myfxbook

page each monitoring MyfxBook have this line: "History confirmed" or "trading history has not been confirmed."

Myfxbook History

What does it mean?This means that the system of monitoring the host Myfxbook provided investor password, as well as have broker and trading server that is running the account.MyfxBook machine checked the information on the monitoring of: the type of account, log orders, etc.and confirmed that the account is real.

This verification helps protect against unscrupulous sellers advisers who may for example specify that the PBX works on a real account, but actually monitored demo.

How to make such a check for your own monitoring described here.

Confirmation trading rights

Another method of monitoring checks that offers MyfxBook - it is a confirmation of trade rights.

Myfxbook trading rights

very rare, but there are situations when a fraudster somehow gets the login and password of another investor a profitable account.And this is the monitoring of another huckster creates accounts and presenting it as their own, responsible for sales strategy advisor or supposedly working on this bill.That's from such rolled and designed to protect the rights of trade test.That is, the service asks you to confirm that the account holder is precisely monitor the host, and no one else.

How to confirm your trading rights monitoring described here.

Checklist monitoring authentication MyfxBook

Authentication forex account on Myfxbook

So, you have decided on complete nonsense (in my opinion), namely the purchase of some councilor, a strategy or a paid course.Remember the beautiful words to the sales page - it's just advertising.Reports of the strategy tester you draw for the 100R.Photoshop any student.Therefore, if you suddenly, which I do not highly recommend, want to buy a paid forex product / pass paid training, - require the seller to monitor real account on Myfxbook.

If the seller begins to invent excuses, - safely send it as far as possible .

If monitoring is still available to the potential buyers, you should pay attention to his truthfulness, namely:

  • Live account or Demo?
  • whether trading history Confirmed?
  • whether trading rights are confirmed?
  • Do as questionable broker firm listed?
  • How long monitoring launched?
  • What is the last date of monitoring updates?
  • Is the curve of funds on the chart under the balance curve (sign martingale)?

Of course, in addition to monitoring of authenticity is to look at the history of transactions, to evaluate various performance statistics trading strategies, etc.But we'll talk about it some other time.So subscribe to the update site, so as not to miss the new material.

Sincerely, Paul
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