Forex Analysis

Trade recommendations in the Forex market on 08/24/2015

Hello.Let's see what's on the Forex market at the beginning of the trading week.


AUDOSDaili 24082015

On AUDUSD pair price has formed a Doji pattern in a series of level 0.73500 area.Probably continue to fall to the level of 0.71666, and possibly below.The transaction is recommended to go by the rules of the pattern.


SAGUSDaili 24082015

on silver price has once again failed the resistance level of 15.498 and formed a pattern of absorption.Probably worth waiting for the resumption of the fall of the prices to the level of 14.401.The transaction is recommended to go by the rules of the pattern.

Fundamental analysis


West Virginia was the only state in the nation has lost a statistically significant number of jobs in the last year, reported the Labor Department on Friday.

States lost 19,100 jobs in the period from July 2014 to July 2015, inform the Department of Labour, pointing to the decline in employment by 2.5%.

most significant layoffs affected companies engaged in the coal industry sector, such as the M

urray Energy Corp, and Alpha Natural Resourses.

Other industries in West Virginia as well suffer, production in construction fell by 23% at the beginning of the year and adjusted to 16% by August.

The current unemployment rate of 7.5% for the state.

In general, across the country the unemployment rate fell in June.Fourteen states observed a trend to increase the rate of decline, and the rate of 12 remained unchanged in July.

California added 80.700 jobs between June and July, and in Florida and Texas 30000 places.


Official data show that the British government made less expenses as of July, regarding last year's figures for the same month.

surplus of government borrowing amounted to £ 1,3 billion July, reported the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

This was the first surplus since July 2012, largely due to higher income tax receipts.

government received in the management of £ 59.1 billion. In July 2015, almost 4% more than last year.

ONS said that July is traditionally the biggest month in tax revenues.

Net public sector debt, except for state-owned banks currently stands at $ 1.5 trillion.£, is 80.8% of GDP.


88% of the largest Japanese companies surveyed by Kyodo News, expect the economy to grow by the end of 2015, and almost half of them have plans to increase capital spending in the new fiscal year to March.

survey results show that Japanese companies are generally optimistic about the economic prospects of the country conceptualize, despite weak consumer spending and the crowding of uncertainties regarding China.

Of the 108 companies surveyed in the period from late July to mid-August, including Toyota Motor Corp.and Sony Corp., 95 companies stated that they expect the expansion of the Japanese economy by the end of the year, 89 predict moderate growth.Another 8 companies said they expect growth, but on the basis of analysis of the available objective factors predict a slowdown.