Forex Analysis

Forecast of currency pairs in the Forex on 08/25/2015

Hello.Today was a pretty interesting day to trade and let's see what the market is waiting for tomorrow 25.08.215


ERUSDaili 25082015

on EURUSD pair has updated the latest price highs and fixed above the level of 1.14600.Probably worth waiting for rollback to the level of prices and continuing growth.For entries in the transaction is recommended to wait for the signal in the form of Price Action Patterns.


GVPUSDaili 25082015

on a pair GBPUSD price was unable to gain a foothold above the resistance level of 1.57761.Probably worth waiting for a small downward correction, for a set of forces, and the continuation of growth of the price.For entries in the transaction is recommended to wait for the signal in the form of Price Action Patterns.


ERZhPIDaili 25082015

On EURJPY pair price formed a little wrong pattern Pin-bar and fixed above the support level.Perhaps followed by an increase to the level of resistance to 140.568.The deal on the pattern recommended go gently.

Fundamental analysis


Global markets were worried

the last few days by fears about China's economy.Turbulence stock markets in high places led some economists to revise their expectations for the first time since 2006, raising interest rates by the Federal Reserve System, projected earlier this year on September 16-17.Economists quite contradictory.Here are the two most common paintings presented major economic analysts Monday:

«While we continue to assess the economic decisions of the United States as a confident and solid actions that justify the expected increase, we also begin to fear for the fact that such a move by the Fed mayfurther destabilize global markets.Now we tend to believe that the Fed, with high probability, will delay the cycle of rate hikes in order to avoid further tension in the current financial environment, "says Michael Geypen and Rob Martin from Barclays.

«There is no serious indication that a serious recession in the US economy, and economic growth in China is slowing rather than collapsing and hardly emerging markets expect a repeat of the Asian crisis of 1997-98.Of course, the turmoil in the global market may force the Fed to refrain from raising rates in September, but such volatility does not reflect the true economic recession, and the US economy is objectively strong enough to take such a step, "says Paul Ashworth position Capital Economics.


UK, enjoying "decent quarterly GDP growth," predicted the CBI, has extended the forecasts for this year and next.

Business lobby group now expects growth of 2.6% this year and 2.8% next year, compared with the June forecast of 2.4% and 2.5% respectively.

Increased household spending and "robust" growth of investment will contribute to a more rapid rate of growth, says CBI.

CBI also expects growth of interest rates in the first quarter of the coming year.

«We expect growth of 0.75% in the first quarter of 2016, and following that rise at a slow pace," according to the Confederation of British Industry.


Canadian dollar dropped to a 11-year low against the US dollar on Monday, falling victim to turmoil in the stock markets and the continuing raids in raw material prices.

Looney stood at 75.27 US cents at the close of trading, falling to half a percent on the day.

The last time it closed below 76 cents, on August 4, but today, the Canadian currency immersion crossed at least 2004.

However, the prospects of unfavorable US dollar over the next week, especially if you dare to raise US interest rates, says personal finance expert Canadian Rubina Ahmed-Haq.

«The US dollar steadily becoming stronger, which with high probability can lead to higher interest rates in September, and then the US dollar will weaken," she said.