Forex Analysis

Analysis of the candlestick on 08/09/2015

Hello.Let's look at some interesting situations in the Forex market on 8.09.2015


GVPUSDaili 8092015

on a pair GBPUSD price rebounded from the support level of 1.52127 and formed a pattern of absorption.I think at least should not expect an upward correction, after which will be followed by another attempt to pass the level.Or go up to the resistance level of 1.57761 continued lateral movement.The transaction is recommended by Paterno go gently.


ERZhPIDaili 8092015

On EURJPY pair formed a price pattern inner bar area 133.422 level.Perhaps this is part of a small correction, after which there is a wait to continue falling and the trend down.The transaction is recommended to go by the rules of the pattern.


GBPZhPIDaili 8092015

on GBPJPY pair also formed patern inner bar.Props have no pattern there, but probably will continue to move down to the level of 178.833.The transaction is not recommended to go on the pattern.

Fundamental analysis


Japan said Tuesday that its economy shrank by 0.3% during the quarter from

April to June, but declined less than in relation to the previously predicted value.

latest revised figures, published by the Cabinet of Ministers, show more attractive results than the previously announced 0.4% reduction.

reduction in private consumption, in turn, was revised to 0.7% compared to the previous estimate of 0.8%, helping to facilitate the assessment of the general economic downturn.

Thus, the latest data on exports and industrial production suggest that a quick recovery in this quarter is unlikely fact.

economic outlook are likely to be dependent on a recovery in demand in the domestic market, such as investments in household spending.

head of the Bank of Japan Haruhiko Kuroda pushed back forecasts for 2% inflation, the cornerstone abenomics, although he still insists that the rise in prices is not far off.

Kuroda said that considering expanding the program of quantitative easing to 80 trillion.yen in annual terms.


UK is unlikely to rush to follow the Fed and raise key rates

they did it or not?whether rates would go up?The recent turmoil in global stock markets and the prospects for a new economic crisis situation leaves no clarification.Some investors believe that these factors should keep the Fed from raising rates.But many also believe that monetary policy should not be dictated by the movements in the stock markets.This we have seen, in part, to the policy of the previous Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan, ready to lower key rates at the first sign of weakness fondodovogo market, which led to asset price inflation and the crisis of 2008-09.The world has not yet fully recovered from the error.

Only when the stock market moves amount to a threat to the real economy, and then will have a significant influence on decisions in the field of monetary policy.So far, it looks highly unlikely until recently experienced a modest decline in asset prices will not have a significant deterrent effect on the growth of aggregate demand.

In the UK, there should be no hurry to follow the example of the Fed.While it is true that the wide variations in monetary policy similar to each other in the US and the UK.But these movements are not identical and the rates may differ for some time.

Bank of England, probably will not cut rates until early next year.Unlike the US, there is the prospect of sustained fiscal tightening in order to overcome vulnerability in the housing market.