Forex Analysis

Technical Forex Analysis for 10/20/2015

Hello.Below is some advice on forex trading on 20.10.2015

Calendar anticipated events

13:00 UK.Speech of the Bank of England Carney
15:30 US.The number of building permits issued
18:00 US.Speech by Fed Chairman Yellen


GVPUSDaili 20102015

on a pair GBPUSD continue spinning at the level of 1.55000 and formed a Doji pattern series.It seems that we will try to dolamyvali downtrend, but first go to the correction to 1.53500.The sale of gently enter at your own risk.I will try to sell, depending on the evolution of the situation within the day, becausethere are good chances that continue to trend downwards.


ERZhPIDaili 20102015

On EURJPY formed another Doji.Rollback falling to a small level of 135.00.The situation is not clear.We can resume growth and try to break through the upper boundary outset.Or continue the outset and will continue to fall.I do not see the deal there.


EURAUDDaili 20102015

On EURAUD continue to move below the level of 1.57302 and formed a pattern of inner bar.It is also expected the end of the

correction and continued falling.Worth a try sales with the immediate goal of 1.52500.

Fundamental analysis

UK the Bank of England will release a report on Wednesday, which will be reflected in the way the UK's membership of the European Union affects the ability of the central bank to manage the economy and the protection of the country's banking sector.

report will be released at 17GMT (20:00 MSK on.) Within the speech of the head of the bank Mark Carney.

Prime Minister David Kemeron promised to hold a referendum on the country's exit from the European Union before the end of 2017.Kemeron trying to renegotiate the terms of Britain's membership in the EU and has not yet set a date for the referendum.

Japan Bank of Japan on Monday retained the assessment of nine regional economies of the country, as in the second quarter, with the improvement of investment capital and employment, despite the problems in China and in emerging markets.

He used the phrase "recovery" or "moderate recovery" to describe the state of the regional economy, although exports and output in three of them, including Kanto, showed a slowdown abroad.

This suggests that the impact on the three economic sector requires "caution", an official of the Bank of Japan said.The assessment was made after the regions have provided reports on their economic activities.

Eight regions have raised their estimates for investment in residential construction, while the majority of the nine regions supported consumption in a stable position, improving employment incomes

decline in developing countries has affected Japan, prompting fears that the economy may have sufferedkicks off in the period from July to September.The growth rate slowed down at that time to 1.2% at annual rate.


Bank of Canada examines the relationship between financial stability considerations and traditional approaches to the central bank's inflation targeting as part of its approach to risk management in order to achieve its political objectives in the monetary sphere, the Governor Stephen S. Poloz today.

Since the Bank of Canada is working on updating its inflationary targetiruemogo agreement with the federal government, in the next year "it will continue to strive for a better understanding of the interaction between monetary policy and financial stability."

As a result, the Bank sets a monetary policy that the range of possible outcomes enters the zone where politicians believe that the achievement of the inflation target within a reasonable period of time and that risks to financial stability will be developed in a constructive way.

The flexible structure of the bank gives him the opportunity to spend more time to make the adjustment of the inflation rate, in order to achieve financial stability.