Forex Analysis

Analysis of the behavior of pairs on 10/22/2015

Hello.Today clear signals to any transaction or not, but let's see where they can expect in the coming days.

Calendar anticipated events

11:30 UK.The volume of retail sales for September
14:45 Eurozone.Interest Rate Decision
15:30 Canada.The base index of retail sales for August
15:30 Eurozone.Press Conference of the ECB
17:00 US.Sales of existing homes


USDSADDaili 22102015

As expected USDCAD moved to 1.32000 and almost reached the level.How to write an experienced trader demo in the comments, the movement went on, "the daily trend line."I do not know what the line, but in the area of ​​1.2000 will try to find the same and sell of it with the expectation of down trend.


NZDOSDaili 22102015

On NZDUSD adjust to the level of 0.67000.I'd like to resume growth and continuing upward trend (laterals already tired).I am waiting for the signal to buy on the level.If someone opened the sale, it is a good place to close them completely or most of it.


USDZhPIDaili 22102015

USDJPY, is also expected, returned to the leve

l of 120,000 after the exit of the triangle.I think to wait for signals in the sale and continuing down trend.

Fundamental analysis

UK Government borrowing fell for the first six months of the financial year, reported the official data.

Net borrowing of the public sector with the exception of state-owned banks decreased to £ 46.3 billion. From April to September, losing £ 7.5 bn. Or 13.9% compared to last year, according to Office for National Statistics.

In September, borrowing amounted to £ 9.4 billion., Which is 1.6 billion. £ lower than a year earlier.The July forecast Fiscal Responsibility Office showed £ 69.5 annualized pace.This sliding down by 22.9% lower than previous estimates of £ 89.2 billion. At the beginning of the year.

Thus, the public sector finances in the period of September benefits look promising at first glance.The Government continues to spend more than it receives in revenue.To make up the difference had to borrow £ 46.3 bn. In the first six months of the financial year (April to September).But at £ 7.5 Bln. Less than last year and better than expected by most analysts.


That sounds like a shocking statistic:. 92 million Americans do not work, but still are not considered unemployed by the Department of Labor.

Ministry of Labor classifies only those people as unemployed if they are actively looking for work.All those who are unemployed and not looking for it, joined in the class of "non-working power."The proportion of Americans are not engaged in production at the moment continues to grow for 15 years, the development of which could not foresee many economists and demographers.

As a rule, employment statistics focuses on people, labor components.But what about the almost hundred of millions of people who are not engaged in the work process?

About 41 million Americans do not work because they are pensioners.These senior citizens in the vast majority really the retirement age, so it does not even make sense to treat them as unemployed.

Another 15 million are not working because they are pupils or students.Some students, of course, work and study, so they are often included in the total labor force.But those who are looking for work and can not find, are often classified as the labor force and unemployed.


expenses of foreign tourists in Japan hit record ¥ 2.6 trillion.against the background of the Chinese 'purchasing explosion »

foreign tourists costs in Japan reached a record 2.6 trillion.¥ ($ 21.7 Bln.) In the period of January-September, already exceeding the maximum of 2.2 trillion.¥ for the whole of last year, the government said on Wednesday.

expenses in the period from July to September amounted to an estimated $ 1 trillion.¥, a record quarterly figure reported by the Japan National Tourism Agency.

The number of foreigners visiting Japan also increased.The increase amounted to 14.49 million. In January-September (+ 48.8% against last year's figures) and more than 15 million. As of 9 October, against an annual entry in the 13.41 mln. In 2014.