Forex Analysis

Trading recommendations for trading on Forex 10/23/2015

Good evening.News today staged a good movement, and let's see what are now waiting in the Forex market 23.10.2015


ERUSDaili 23102015

On EURUSD back down to 1.11000 and trend line.After such a long candle think is bound to be a correction in the area of ​​1.12500.Sales of previously open is to cover in whole or in large part.New sale is not considered, the signal for purchases not.


GVPUSDaili 23102015

GBPUSD On the whole, nothing has changed, so I will repeat again.Price bounced on the level of 1.55000, and after a series of doji pattern, formed a Pin Bar.It seems that we will try to dolamyvali downtrend, but first go to the correction to 1.53500.The sale of gently enter at your own risk.I will try to sell, depending on the evolution of the situation within the day, becausethere are good chances that continue to trend downwards.


USDSADDaili 23102015

On USDCAD inner bar at the level of 1.31500.I look forward to the resumption of the final fall and broke it on a downward trend.I will try to sell, but it is probably worthwh

ile to stipulate that sales are not so obvious and risky.Especially if you look at the weekly chart.There is an obvious increase after correction.So do not forget about Money Management.


AUDOSDaili 23102015

On AUDUSD pair are back to the level of 0.72000 and formed a Doji pattern.I consider this situation with the expectation of buying at the breakdown and movement above 0.74000.Sales on this pair do not see.


NZDOSDaili 23102015

Kiwi On the situation is similar.As expected after the correction to 0.67000 resumed growth and formed absorption.I will continue to rise further and try to pass the level 0.69000.Sales for this pair do not see.


EURAUDDaili 23100215

On EURAUD once again returned to the previously breached border outset and bounced formed absorption.The pattern is very large, but I think the correction will be up and will look for sale in the region of the middle of last candle.I expect continuation of falling.Shopping is not considered.


USDZhPIDaili 2310215

On USDJPY continued to rise to the upper boundary outset.It may be a rebound, and again descend down.I look forward to the development of the situation and go beyond the boundaries.As expectations have to go down all the same.


SAGUSDaili 23102015

on silver pattern inner bar at the level of 15,600.Perhaps the resumption of growth after the correction and the continuation of the uptrend.Here, too, only the purchase.sales are not considered.

Fundamental analysis

UK UK and China are set to agree on a number of partnership agreements designed to "unlock potential" t. N.Nothern Powerhouse.

This series of transactions aimed at increasing economic growth in the North of England by the government, particularly in the major cities of Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds and Sheffield.Prime Minister David Cameron and Chinese President Xi Jinping will meet in Manchester on the last day of the state visit of Mr. Xi.

Meanwhile, retail sales in the UK reached a maximum of 29 months, in September, partly due to the Rugby World Cup.

Monthly sales have increased by 6.5% compared with the same month in 2014, according to Office for National Statistics.Mid-store prices, including service stations, were down 3.6% in relation to last year, the ONS stresses.

Eurozone European Central Bank said it will review its program of 1.1 trillion.quantitative easing (QE) aimed at stimulating the economy at its next meeting in December.

ECB started buying bonds on the scheme 60 billion. € per month in order to ensure the necessary level of inflation.

on consumer prices in the euro area fell by 0.1% in September, speculation causes that can make your changes in the bank's QE-policy.
Also, the European Central Bank left its key interest rate unchanged at the last reading at the level of 0.05%.

«Plans for asset purchase go smoothly and continue to have a beneficial effect," he said at a press conference in Malta, head of the bank, Mario Draghi."However, current issues of monetary policy will be discussed again in December."

decision to leave borrowing costs unchanged widely expected after the failure of the ECB to pursue a new interest rate.


number of Canadians receiving unemployment benefits fell by 7,900 in August compared with the previous month, figures which reached 536,800.

This is a decline of 1.4% from the level in July, but this figure is even higher than in the same period a year ago, according to Statistics Canada on Thursday.

Most of the decrease came from Ontario, where the number of loans for unemployment benefits decreased by 3.9%.This is the biggest decline in the province from April 2012 in Quebec and Saskatchewan.

While most people receiving unemployment benefits has decreased, the number of people claiming income increased by 4.9% to 542,400.The number of applications is a leading indicator of unemployment.