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Workplace of the trader

Workplace forex trader Hello, fellow forex traders!Successful trading on the currency market - this is not only the presence of a suitable trading strategy you, emotional self-control and control of risks.Your working environment, where and how you trade, also plays an important role.So what should be the workplace of the trader?


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Super powerful hardware to operate the trading terminal to anything.But when you have all the programs, including the terminal, work fast, do not hang anything and the computer is not "thinks", if you suddenly decided to escape from the charts and watch video on the youtube with cats, this is a very nice and comfortable.And it does not violate your emotional state.And nerves you still come in handy.

If you are trading on a stationary PC, I recommend to keep close and laptop.BecauseElectricity could theoretically cut down at any time, and the laptop is running on battery - charge at least to close the position will suffice.


Monitor Forex trader ( 1 )

Better if it will be big.19-24 Inches.Simply

convenient.Many monitors, both the traders about the coolest movies, you do not have to believe me.At least directly sell any better you become.But it is possible to simultaneously watch a movie, play a game and to trade in the forex :)


Internet for forex traders

The faster, the better.You also need to figure out what you will do if he suddenly shut off."Backup plan" can be conducted either in advance online from another provider (just pay every month for the network 2) or 3g-modem or a modern smartphone, such as Iphone, with (more than once helped me) modem function.


Armchair for the trader

Many people underestimate the importance of adaptation for "Madame sit."And for good reason.The spine is directly linked to brain function, headaches, and general health of the person.Therefore, do not stint on the normal (not 1.5 ths. Rub.) Computer chair.You spent money hundredfold return and health will save.


printer - scanner for printing graphics

printer / scanner / copier - probably seen these hybrid pieces in the offices of various companies.Buy yourself the same - will print graphics, draw on their markers, scanned back into the computer, do yourself posters with important data, etc.

It helps in the printed graphics with examples of complex situations, the size of the table with lots of items, examples of the figures, the new rules that need to be implemented in the vehicle, etc.And when all this is not a pile on the table, and hanging on the wall in front of his eyes.Try.

And ...

Do not mix work and personal life

But the main thing - try not to mix work and personal life.If possible, it is better to allocate a separate room for trade or even rent an office (for those who do not have problems with money).So you and nothing will distract you and no one will interfere.