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Risk management when trading advisors

Lot Size Management in Forex Expert Advisors

Tired.What can people do?Read comments to the reviews forex advisors and you wonder - Why PEOPLE SO LIKE DEPOSITS merge?And yet every time the same thing: "I put the robot, the day he earned / lost 30%."Well can Advisor (if it's not about the Martingale) lose 30% per day, if you put adequate risk.

people either specifically makes forex casino, or simply blunt, I do not know.But on the face of a complete misunderstanding of how exposed the lot size for trading experts.I have a weak, but hope that this video tutorial will help a little to reduce the number of lost deposits because of incorrectly exposed a lot.Yes, today we will talk about money management when dealing with advisors on Forex.


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  • What is new and old items
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