Forex scam in Russian

Russian forex scam

The comments are often asked, "Why not Russian advisers / strategies on this site?".The fact that I even do not look, just does not make sense.Why, really extinct in Russia Kulibins?

Kulibins may not extinct, but for the money on the Russian sites you definitely do not buy anything good.What's the matter?Well, what the people in Russia svolochnoy think without me know everything.But most likely the case in the absence of refundov system, I mean money back for the purchase neponravilos as on the western sites.

How is the refund?Let's say you have purchased in the foreign site some or adviser, and the results have disappointed.In this case, you can run refunda process by writing a letter, and after some time, your money back on the card.What is worth mentioning, we refer the letter is not the seller, namely processing company through which you paid for the purchase.Such companies, there are many, the most famous: Clickbank and Plimus.And in ClickBank to return the money does not even need to give

a reason (see. How to get money for buying clickbank).In other systems, you may be asked to show proof of substandard products, but the fact remains - you can return the money, and very real.

What does this mean for the seller?System / adviser, not to get a bunch of refundov (and therefore no profit), the buyer must give at least some profit, or at least the illusion thereof.There is a very good incentive to make quality software - on the sale of real profitable products can be very, very good money, because if one or the other system to bring human trafficking profits, or at least do not lose money, it will not ask for a refund.

What is happening in Russia and the former Soviet network segment?Throughout the hype and the real scam .

Seller task of systems / advisers on Russian site is to deceive, mislead accidentally wandered Loja .It shows beautiful pictures "earnings", fill in your ears the sweetest speeches about the future wealth, only to pay ....Well, after the payment, the sellers you do not care, because the money you have no return.

However, the software with the Russian scams periodically pops up like shit in the hole in the network, and I can say with full responsibility - nothing interesting in all these Matryoshka I in recent years have not seen.That's why I did not even read the offer to sell or the provision on any terms (register an account on our refferal link, yeah ...) forex software on Russian sites.I just close the page, never to return.

I would like to mention the main concentration of evil in the Russian scam:

  • Firstly this site and .On sell advisers / system those who do not even have the brains to create its own website, as well reytsnayper initially specialized in kidalovo - some even their advisors is a function of reading stories to bektesty looked like a prettier possible.
  • Ilan (Ilan Dynamic 1.6, etc.).Some even manage to sell this old adviser trusting Lohamei.Ilan - is one of the oldest, but not losing popularity martingale (increase the lot after a loss).No man since 2007, and have not managed to get Ilan profitable, but it does not stop the gullible simpletons.They somehow believe that they will be able to profit from this piece of crap.
  • Gelan Trawler - modifications based on Ilan for vtyuhivaniya particularly blunt.Developers have created even a kind of MLM-marketing system: already bought write good reviews to sell owl Lohamei others and thus to return at least part of their money spent.
  • Gepard - another scam, buys and sells from the bulldozer, without stops, everything that moves.Download for free here.
  • , forex-invest, investo-forex, - in general, have scaled this has a bunch of similar domains, but the essence is the same - you offer to open an account on the referral link and in return you are given one or more advisers basedmartingale.What's the point?The task of these advisers have time to open as many positions as long as your account is not going to die, lohotronschiki to get as many partnerships deductions from broker commissions.Something like a parasitic worm that drinking the juice out of the victim's body until it dies.
  • «Auto-Trading Forex» by Vladislav Gilkey and other idiotic video courses on superfood techniques.All this stuff is free of charge on the Internet and on a torrent, but nothing useful is not there.

Of course, this is not an exhaustive list.Especially new scam popping up every day.

I have nothing against Russian, especially since he is not changed citizenship.I'm just stating the facts and trying to protect you from the clutches of scams.There are interesting

advisors developed Russian programmers.A living example - Forex GrowthBot.GrowthBot aimed at the global market - a good adviser and the author makes no sense to be afraid of returns.By creating something interesting, much more profitable to sell in the English-speaking segment of the network.Well, with good revenue and scams in Russia, where a refund for the purchase impossible.

The moral of this story is:

see Russian-language website on which you offer to purchase for cash Advisor / system / methodology - just close the page and never return to the merchant's website.

This is the most sensible thing you can do.Take care of yourself.