How much can you earn on forex ?

How much can you earn on forex

How much can you earn on forex ?In the books and all sorts of courses they like to talk about George Soros and his billions, but how many can earn on forex simple man?Often in the comments ask me: "How much do you earn on forex?" Well, it's time to face the harsh reality ...

I have to say - I morally difficult to sell large amounts (the nerves not iron) and thereforeI am saving money in the account, but simply infer earned each month.Sometimes several times.Theoretically, of course, you can use the capitalization of funds and the advantage of compound interest, without removing the gains and trading all large and big money.But I can not do that.I am an ordinary man with his weaknesses.

Below you can see screenshots of operations over the past 1.5 years with my personal (non-trade account) from your personal account at Alpari.I have more than a dozen accounts (main steam, several experimental and bills for advisors) and I bring them to profit on a personal account.It's more comfortable for me.I

n addition to the deductions in the personal account of the history of the operation are displayed also transfers between accounts, I started to cut them in Paint, and then tired and just around the operation pins in red so they stand out from the crowd.All screens are increased by clicking.

2 Earnings in 2013



22014 32014 42014

For those who are too lazy to take it - with par I deduce from 5 to 25 thousand dollars a month .I have another account in Roboforex and F4you, but there is quite a penny amount, not worth mentioning.On the screen a few months passed, they had not arrived.This is normal, there is no trader earn every month, without exception.

I apologize to all those who expected to see hundreds of thousands of dollars.I have them yet :(.And probably, if I was making the millions, then this site would simply not exist.Although, who knows ...

Yet some pundits sometimes asked to give a username and password from my account that they say they can check how well I deal in.And what the hell do I show someone his own expense?Just imagine: you have some small business, say a small candle factory.And one day you declared an eccentric with a blissfully moronic expression on his face and asks to see the profit in the last quarter.Crank And this not because of the tax, and simple onlookers.What answer will hear this man?If we reject the limits of decency, then this course is the phrase, known to every Russian person from early childhood, - "Go on ..y".So I like the idea sweeps in the head at the request of the State show a merchant account.Well if I was selling some or adviser, then yes, you need to show the goods face a real account and without monitoring anywhere.And just like someone to prove something?I do not see the point.

So why I wrote this post?What is the point?

It is something like an incentive for beginners, well, to show that they say the author of the website is also no fool))

summarize: in the forex earning possible and quite real.But do not immediately threaten the huge amount ...

P.S.The answer to the frequent question in the comments - I have been trading for method Price Action , on the daily charts.

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