Forex Analysis

The situation in the forex market on 10/12/2015

Hello.Let's see what's on the Forex market at the beginning of the trading week 12.10.2015


GVPUSDaili 12102015

on GBPUSD reached the level of 1.53500 and seems to have rebounded from it.I resume the fall and try to pass the level 1.52000.Signals at the entrance you can search within a day to a junior TF, after the breakdown of 1.5300.


GBPZhPIDaili 12102015

on GBPJPY formed Pin Bar.In the pattern support in the form of a small level of 184.500.I think to wait for the resumption and continuation of falling prices trend down.Objectives for sales 180.500.


ERZhPIDaili 12102015

On EURJPY reached to the upper limit level at the outset 117.00 area.I think we descend a little higher.Level strong, so it is best buy open previously closed completely or most of it.Continued purchases will be considered after the breakdown level.

Fundamental analysis


construction volumes decreased by 4.3% in August, rates, indicating the lowest fall in comparison with the data of the end of 2012, the ONS said.

Office for National Statistics re

ported that from May to August production fell by 0.8%, showing the largest decline March 2013. House Building fell by 3% from July.

Thus, the trade deficit shows £ 3,3 billion. August, after narrowing to £ 1,2 billion. July, stressed ONS.

data on Trade showed that the UK deficit in trade in goods fell to £ 11.1 billion. In August, compared with £ 12.2 billion. In July.However, some analysts predicted greater reduction.Exports expanded by £ 0.8 billion. By car sales.

The economy in the pace of the second quarter of this year expanded by 0.7%, but the overall prospects for growth in the third quarter received a double blow from the construction and trade data, in general, is bad news.


Canadian dollar closed above 77 cents on Friday as oil continued to rise during the past week, and the US dollar at the same time was very relaxed.

Oil continued to rise in price in the confidence that US shale drillers cut production.The report of the US Energy Information Agency projected decline in world oil production and an increase in demand.

Canadian dollar rose 0.43 cent to 77.26 cents US at the end of the week, showing the strongest performance since mid-August.

WTI opened at $ 49.50 and traded up to 50.92 on Friday's trading.
rise in prices of oil in this part of the year in general is something paradoxical in these circumstances, as the fall of oil trading is always cheaper than usual.MacDougall & amp;McTier predict that the oil settles at $ 50 in the next few del not, but did not hit up to $ 70 to the second half of 2016.

Another one of the key problems in Canada, in terms of supply and demand is the growing influence of Iran returning to the market.