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Forex review on 10/14/2015

Hello.As expected, many couples started the correction after a long direction.Let's look at a couple of interesting points on 14.10.2015

Calendar anticipated events

11:30 UK.The average wage, taking into account premiums August
11:30 UK.Changing the number of applications for unemployment benefits in September
15:30 US.The base index of retail sales for September
15:30 US.Producer Price Index (PPI) for September
15:30 US.The volume of retail sales for September


AUDOSDaili 14102015

On AUDUSD pair rebounded from the level of 0.74000 and formed a pattern of absorption.I guess it correctional movement and further 0,71500-0,7100 price will not go away.When growth resumes definitively dolamyvaya downtrend.Sales I do not consider.I will look at the situation of purchase after the correction.


NZDOSDaili 14102015

On NZDUSD also formed Absorption bounced off the level of 0.67000.The sale does not include, as recommendedcorrect depth is not always predictable.The maximum correction possible in the area 0,6

4000-0,64500.Sales do not consider.Signal for purchases not.


HAUUSDaili 14102015

for gold passed the resistance level of 1151.99 and rolled formed Pin Bar.It seems will continue to rise further.I consider buying on the pattern, with the objectives to the level of 1212.800.

UK.The inflation data

Inflation in the UK back in

negative territory Inflation, according to the latest update of the consumer price index decreased to -0.1% in September, according to Office for National Statistics.

ONS reported that clothing prices growth was less than expected, also dropped the price of motor fuel, which was the main contribution to the course of the fall.

CPI speed remained at or near zero rates in almost all of the current year.The last time the index was in negative territory in April.Most profitable state projects will be frozen due to the latest data.The annual increase in the power of certain benefits, public sector pensions are related to the speed of the CPI in September.

So millions of people are now unlikely to see the growth of these advantages.Although state pensions will grow by at least 2.5% in the current year rates.Food prices also fell by 2.5% over the year to September.Moreover, prices in this sector fell for 15 consecutive month.

UK.Housing prices

Housing prices in the UK rose significantly faster , than in the rest of the UK in the last year, according to the ONS.

Property prices in England within 12 months end of August rose by 5.6%.This is significantly higher than in Northern Ireland, where growth amounted to 0.8%, Wales, where prices fell by 0.9% and in Scotland, where prices also fell by 2.9% in annual pace.

average price of homes in the UK rose to £ 284 thousand.

In general, price inflation unchanged in August compared to July.Annual house price growth of 5.8% was much faster than consumer prices in general, remained almost unchanged during the same period.

Inflation also is likely to increase in the coming months, pursuing the reduction of energy costs and a decision on interest rates by the Monetary Policy Committee.

Regionally, the fastest growth in property prices was observed in East Anglia (up 8.8%).

Data from China

more than 20% dip in Chinese imports has led to renewed concerns about the slowdown in the global economy the second Tuesday.

Additional pressure comes from the sale of power companies, which had just plunge into the weak oil prices on Monday.

On Tuesday, China said that imports declined by 20.4% in dollar terms and the annual rate as of September while the country's real estate sector has long been in danger of collapse domino principle in deciding the construction industry.

Export slipped by 3.7% due to weak external demand.

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