Forex Analysis

Analytical review of the Forex market on 10/16/2015

Hello.Let's look at a few interesting moments for Forex trading tomorrow 16.10.2015


ERUSDaili 16102015

On EURUSD formed a pattern of rails bouncing from the strong level of 1.14500.I should not expect the downward correction to the area 1,13000-1,12500, and then continue to increase.Sales against the trend is not considered.I will wait for signals to buy after correction.


GVPUSDaili 16102015

on GBPUSD pair reached the level of 1.55000 and formed a Doji pattern.It seems that we will try to dolamyvali downtrend, but first go to the correction to 1.53500.The sale of gently enter at your own risk.I will try to sell, depending on the evolution of the situation within the day, becausethere are good chances that continue to trend downwards.


USDZhPIDaili 16102015

on a pair USDJPY as expected came out with the triangle down, but the level of 118,500 is not mastered, and formed a Pin Bar.Purchases do not see, will look for sale in the region of 120,000 with the expectation of continuation of the fall and the trend.


HAUUSDaili 16102015

for gold as expected continued growth and stalled near 1182.00 formed a Doji pattern.Props have good pattern is not present, but may revise down a bit before continuing growth.Transactions on the pattern are not considered.

Fundamental analysis

Eurozone, the European Central Bank will expand its program to stimulate the economy beyond September 2016.

Launched just six months ago, a program of quantitative easing, the ECB so far has done little to improve the level of inflation, growth stimulation, or even hold the euro at the required low level for a long period.

However, the forecasts for inflation at the end of 2015, 2016 and 2017.either remained unchanged or were reduced, and inflation in the euro zone slipped below zero last month.

ECB official data to be released today, probably according to the inflation rate to 0.1% per cent in September.

Economists are predicting that the euro area economy to grow by 0.4% in each quarter until the end of next year, and the average increase was 1.5%, 1.7% in 2015, in 2016 and 2017.


number of Americans seeking unemployment benefits fell last week to the lowest level in 42 years, according to official data.

Labor Department said Thursday that weekly applications for unemployment benefits fell by 7,000 to a seasonally adjusted 255,000.Last of US levels touched in July, but nevertheless today's data - its lowest level since 1973.

There is reason to believe that the economy has slowed in recent weeks, in part because the strong dollar hit exports and overall weak hiring.But the failure of the growth has not yet made the company to cut jobs.

However, hiring stumbled in the past two months, raising concerns about employers' caution in their intent to add jobs.

US economy received only 142,000 jobs in September, and only 136,000 in August, below the average during the last 229.000 years.

whole problem - the industry who were directly affected by the slowdown in growth abroad and the dollar - so strong that makes cutting jobs.

dollar rose by about 13% in value against the foreign currencies in the past 12 months.This makes US exports more expensive on international markets, reducing the price of competing imports.


TTP begins to abolish tariffs

the United States at this time, remove the tariff levied on the supply of motorcycles from Japan, whose motors exceed 700 cubic under the recently agreed Trans-Tihookeanicheskogo partnership trade agreement.

US, Japan and 10 other Pacific countries have reached broad agreement on plans to create a free trade bloc covering 40% of the world economy.

For Japan, the new initiative will eliminate 99.9% of tariffs in TTP

area Japanese manufacturers are trying to strengthen sales in the United States and Asia, to compensate for the drop in sales in Japan, which fell by about 410,000 in 2014, from a peak of 3.28 million. In 1982year.

After broad agreement reached at the ministerial talks on October 5, 12 of the participating countries will be required to finalize the text of the contract for the approval of ratification.