Forex Analysis

Analytical review of the Forex market on 09/11/2015

Hello.On Friday, the news went good movement and I think the next few days will be held in corrections.Let's look at a few tools.


ERUSDaili 10112015

On EURUSD broke through the support level of 1.08500 and continued to trend down.I will revise up to a maximum of 1.09000, and then continue to move downwards.only sales under consideration.


EURAUDDaili 10112015

On EURAUD price did not let down and formed a pattern Pin bar at 1.52250.It seems to be a slight increase, but a pair of considering only sales and expect continuation of falling.


ЁRGBPDaili 10112015

On EURGBP after correction formed a Doji pattern in the level of 0.72000 area.I look forward to the continuation of falling of the price and consider only sales.


ERZhPIDaili 10112015

On EURJPY pattern after internal bar formed Pin bar blank price not less than 132,000.It seems necessary to wait for growth, I hope a small correction, after which I will consider selling.


GBPZhPIDaili 10112015

on GBPJPY pair as expected went to the area of ​​184.500 and bounced formed a Doji.I think to watc

h the situation with no deals, becauseWe can continue to grow as an attempt to pass the 187,00, and continue to fall to 181,000.

Fundamental analysis

UK Confederation of British Industry lowered its growth forecasts for the UK economy this year and next, and also warned of the impact on exports of uncertainty, which may have increase in Fed interest rates this year.

assumed that the gross domestic product (GDP) in the UK will rise by 2.4% in 2015, compared with a previous forecast of 2.6%, reflecting the weak growth investments.

PCU also predict growth of 2.6% in 2016, relative to 2.8% projected earlier, amid gloomy prospects for the global pressures on trade.

However, the official production figures for September, published last week, show strong growth in the sector over the last 19 months, and some data CBI survey indicate that the fourth quarter of industrialists began in the best shape.

Export is still undermined by the strong pound, which makes goods more expensive abroad, as well as a slowdown in the Chinese market and the uncertainty in relation to future reading of the US Federal Reserve on interest rates.


Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe instructed the ministers to prepare a draft new measures to stimulate the economy during the current month, in order to achieve the new targets, which include including the expansion of Japan's GDP to ¥ 600 trillion ($ 5 trillion)over the next five years.

purpose of GDP set for 2020 represents an extension of more than 20% of the ¥ 491 fiscal 2014, which ended in March last year.It is necessary to emphasize the growing skepticism regarding the reach of most economists task.

Council members, in turn, called on the government to further reduce the effective corporate tax rate lower than 30%, stressing the need for more self-activation of business investment.

Abe announced the order for the GDP in September, pointing to the need to focus on strengthening the economic growth and the reform of the social security system in order to simplify it for such social groups as children and the elderly.

government aims to increase the pace of economic recovery by making the key rate per sector domestic demand, including business investment and household spending as the economy suffers from weak exports and production as a result of slowdown in China and other emerging markets.


US economy added more jobs in October than any other month of the year, and the unemployment rate fell to 5%, to its lowest level since April 2008.

With 271 thousand. Jobs added last month, the United States, on average opened 206 thousand. Jobs a month in the current year rates.It is the second-highest level since 1999.

average hourly wage increased by 2.5% compared with a year earlier, showing the highest annual increase since mid-2009.

proportion of the population that is actively seeking work, estimated indicators labor force participation rate remained unchanged.The ratio of amusement to the population rose to 59.3% compared to 59.2% in September.